Obama, and my crystal ball…

The silly thing went off again, irritatingly. For some reason my cell phone refuses to change the ring tone, no matter how many times I reset the thing. Sometimes I call the beast my crystal ball. After all, it often brings me news. News that many others just are not privy to. It could be the location of a secret bug hatch that sends trout into a frenzy. Other times it can tell me strange and wondrous tales about Elk migration. Then there are the times when it rings, and people that I have known many years from far away places tell me what is going on in places far removed from the tranquil settings of the rocky mountains.

That is precisely what was happening this time, and the news was not very good. Not that there has been a lot of good news coming out of Africa lately. It seems that a not so religious Islamic radical became intoxicated, and spilled the beans on an up coming test for our new President. It will be a test that will seriously challenge his leadership abilities. Al Qaeda will make a major offensive across the horn of Africa, and into some central parts of the continent as well. Obama has stated that Osama’s days are numbered in so many words. We will see just how well he handles playing hardball with the big boys. This is all supposed to happen right after the inauguration.

I closed the crystal ball, and thought to myself. Africa will have a lot more to worry about in the very near future.

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6 Responses to “Obama, and my crystal ball…”

  1. dsgawrsh Says:

    The leader of the Iranian Parliament came out today very disappointed in Obama and his answer yesterday during the press conference when asked about Ackmaddidajob’s letter of congratulations. Obama gave the usual, “They can’t be allowed to have nuclear weapons.” Hmm…is he already pissing off the people who endorsed him? It will be interesting to watch this play out – hopefully Israel doesn’t get fried in the process. Everything is getting really interesting with China hacking, Russia and Venezuela playing war games and now this news about Africa.

    On a side note, I’ve been perusing your site and it is obvious you are in Colorado. I grew up there and lived in Broomfield until I moved to Florida a year and a half ago. I miss hearing Caldara and Gunney Bob. I listened to Pete Boyles too who sometimes I loved and sometimes I hated.


  2. tonydowning Says:

    I hope Obama stands up to the totalitarian nuts for real, and not just in rhetoric.


  3. patricksperry Says:

    Go to http://www.850koa.com and click “listen Live” I obviously agree with the Gunny on most issues. I have been a Caldara fan for more years than I can rember.
    I was Senior Paramedic at Broomfield Ambulance from 1995 until their demise. Small world huh? I recently moved to Wyoming but that hasn’t changed my attitude one iota.

    Things in the world are moving at a maddening pace. Obama made his bed, and guess who will get to live, or die with that..? Tony, I just don’t see him as being capable of doing that. It is one thing to say that you will do this, or that. Then? You get that first Intel briefing. You know, the one he received the other day? Seems like the frat boy rhetoric has had a dose of sobering reality.

    Israel, is squarely in the sights of Arab weapons, yet again. One can only guess what the Obama response to the next major attack there will be.


  4. tonydowning Says:

    I agree that Obama most likely will not stand up to anybody. Israel is pretty much on its own, unfortunately, with Obama as president. He will probably make like he’s doing all that can be done, so as to avoid the really difficult thing of striking a blow for the truth. In other words, he’ll probably just deny there’s anything more that can be done except toothless things.


  5. meretricis Says:

    I worry that Obama may find himself having to ‘walk the walk’, in that some of his tough talk is ill timed and a little ridiculous ie. [dsgawrsh’s comment] on Obama’s response to Ahmadinejad’s congratulations and during the second Presidential debate in which he spoke with a loose tongue of Pakistan incurring the wrath of America if it did not co-operate with it’s ‘supposed’ desire to capture of bin Laden.

    I expect him to be a little more intelligent, this is true of most people, but I do believe we’ve seen what blind faith can do to those who do not question and I myself will not give the ‘Obama the Orator’ that much trust. I become disappointed when I hear hi speak this ‘hunt and capture bin Laden’ rhetoric and I wonder aloud if he even has a choice in following through with this trite?

    With this in mind, Africa will most likely take the brunt end of the hit that Al Qaeda will need to show if it’s supporters are to have there appetites satiated. Somalia is a great victory for extremists but lets be honest, in the grand scheme of things capturing any African nation poses no global threat, it is truly unfortunate mind you that extremists would pick on such poverty and then gloat of it’s conquering.

    Let’s see if anything comes of this. My bet is that the talk of bin Laden will cease once Russia replaces Al Qaeda as enemy of the state. We’ve all seen it before and here it comes again.


  6. patricksperry Says:

    It sure does seem that we don’t multi – task very well when it comes to things like that. As for taking over a region? Parts of Africa are very rich in natural resources, and those becoming basically terrorist property could really be a serious problem for the whole world. Ethiopia has pretty much dug in it’s heels and been a friend to America. I just hope we don’t leave them hanging.

    Thanks for posting!


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