Unconventional Warfare, winning hearts, minds, and…

Unconventional warfare comes in many flavors. But little blue pills? I read this in the Patriot Post, and just started laughing…

Talk about Sua Sponte!

With a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan, U.S. intelligence officials have started looking for new ways to sway the hearts and minds of the various tribal chieftains who control large swaths of the country and whose assistance is needed to defeat the Taliban. U.S. operatives say that money or weapons are not necessarily the best choice. A variety of services or other items are used, too, including tools, medicinal treatment for family members, toys or school equipment for children, travel assistance, and, in a brilliant display of outside-the-box thinking, occasional pharmaceutical assistance for aging leaders whose spirit is willing but whose flesh, uh, can’t quite keep up. Enter Viagra, the famous little blue pill that has revolutionized “senior moments” and, now apparently, U.S. intelligence-gathering capabilities as well.

In a country where multiple wives are common, along with the implied but unspoken sexual prowess of tribal chieftains and associated tribal authority which that represents, Viagra is using medical technology in a way that the Taliban simply cannot match. Describing a recent encounter, a U.S. operative gave an Afghan chieftain four blue tablets, then returned a few days later to a grinning chief who gladly offered a treasure trove of information on nearby Taliban movements and supply routes, followed, naturally, by a request for more pills. Other operatives report that they are given free rein of controlled areas after making their delivery. As one operative said, “Whatever it takes to make friends and influence people — whether it’s building a school or handing out Viagra.” Indeed, “make love, not war” may be one of the more memorable catch phrases from the hedonistic, anti-war 1960s, but who would have thought that it could ever describe an effective new military tactic?

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4 Responses to “Unconventional Warfare, winning hearts, minds, and…”

  1. TexasFred Says:

    It’s a marvelous strategy, you can’t fight if you’re f*cking!! 😛


  2. Neil Says:

    Gimme some rogaine and viarga, and the prozac kid rides again!!!!! HEEE HAAA!!!!!


  3. provoco Says:

    Make love, not war … I love it! Those little blue pills — do they come in Nuke-size packaging? (For whatever reason it makes me think of Soylent Green?)


  4. Patrick Sperry Says:



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