Is this another Ramos and Compeon travesty?

It appears that decent Americans are again back on the roller coaster that authoritarians seem to love so much. Tell the public one thing then turn right around and do another. Such as prosecute decent people for doing what the hell they are supposed to do!

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1st. Lt. Michael Behenna

I received a plea for help from a friend of mine who wanted to get the word out about 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna who was just sentenced to 25 years in prison for defending himself against Ali Mansur, a known terrorist, and member of al Qaeda,  who was part of an 2008 attack against Behenna’s platoon where two soldiers were killed.

You can read the story here.

Is this another Ramos and Compeon travesty?  I think so!!  However, you read the piece,  and if you think so plz post a story about Behanna and consider putting a widget on your sidebar directing your readers to the Defend Michael Blog.

No one should go to prison for defending themselves against terrorists!  But even more important is that the prosecution deliberately withheld evidence that would have cleared this soldier! If anyone should go to prison it’s these crazed career lawyers who would rather withhold pertinent evidence than to see justice prevail!  I am asking you to bring attention to this travesty!  None of us are safe anymore from predatory lawyers!

Please let me know what you think and pass this email around to other bloggers you know.

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