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An ongoing project exposing the impostor in chief, the administration, and the destruction of America by those sworn to protect the nation.

On 1 April 2009, Senate Republicans revealed that by 2016 the Obama deficit would reach $8.7 trillion, which is $2.9 trillion more than the deficits racked up by all presidents combined since 1789 (232 years).

In his latest international blunder, Obama, during his visit to the United Kingdom, was granted an audience with the Queen, during which he gave her an iPod as a gift. The Queen, however, has had an iPod since 2005. The embarrassing gaffe follows Obama’s gift to Prime Minister Brown of a box of DVDs that do not work in British DVD players.

On 2 April 2009, the Obama regime handed out instructions for reporters to join a conference call with Secretary of State Clinton and National Security Advisor Jones that included an 800 number for reporters to call. When they began calling the number, they all got a phone-sex business with a woman asking if the caller wanted to “get nasty.”

As the G-20 summit came to a close on 2 April 2009, Obama was sent away a humbled failure after he failed to achieve his primary goal of cementing a global economic stimulus plan between the 20 parties. Instead, all he got was approval for some loans to small countries and a series of embarrassments involving protocol gaffes.

On 2 April 2009, Russian dictator Dmitry Medvedev, speaking at the G-20 summit, referred to Obama as “my new comrade,” a foreboding description of the clearly disturbing friendship that has formed between the Russian strongman and socialist American president.

Standing on foreign soil in Strasbourg, France, Obama stunned Europe, America and the world by publicly and vehemently insulting his own country, stating that America’s “arrogance,” “dismissive” attitude and “derisive” actions are just cause for Europeans to despise America. No president in history has ever done such a thing.

On 1 April 2009, despite the Taliban’s insulting and highly negative response to Obama’s offering of an olive branch last month to what he termed “moderate Taliban,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton offered an “honorable form of reconciliation” to Taliban terrorists who she claimed wanted peace. One day later, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid called Clinton’s offer “a lunatic idea,” again causing the clueless Obama regime a great deal of international humiliation.

On 18 February 2008, Obama released a statement in which he said: “When I am President, it will not be business as usual when it comes to food safety.” In late March 2009, two million pounds of pistachios were recalled for salmonella poisoning from a California processing plant and the FDA instructed all Americans to avoid eating any pistachios or products containing pistachios they had on hand.

In early April 2009, Obama appointed Harry Knox, the homosexual leader of the Human Rights Campaign anti-Papal hate group, to the Advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Knox routinely attacks Catholic groups, the Vatican and Pope for their stance on gay marriage.

On 7 April 2009, the government of Pakistan handed Obama another major setback in an on-going series of very public international embarrassments by denying the Obama regime’s request to conduct joint ground combat operations with Pakistan forces inside Pakistan. The request was personally delivered to Pakistan by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Obama special envoy Richard Holbrooke.

On 4 April 2009, in a news conference in Strasbourg, Austrian reporter Sonja Sagmeister asked Obama a question, to which he replied: “There’s a lot of — I don’t know what the term is in Austrian — wheeling and dealing…”, revealing that Obama actually believes the language spoken in Austria is called Austrian. In reality, of course, there is no such language; the primary language of Austria is German.

On 9 April 2009, after repeated questions from reporters about the pirate hostage crisis, Obama refused to answer, saying he could focus that day only on one thing: the housing and mortgage situation, despite his promising during the campaign that he was best qualified to handle multiple problems that might face his regime.

On 10 April 2009, Obama again refused to answer any questions on the pirate hostage crisis, and the London Telegraph called him “President Pantywaist” and the “new surrender monkey on the block,” two nasty insults that reflected Europe’s growing contempt for the pathetic president.

On 10 April 2009, the AP reported that Obama was throwing a 140-guest pizza party at the White House and that Obama ordered the pizzas to be made fresh in the White House by the owner and chefs from Pi Pizza. The catch: Pi Pizza is in St. Louis. Obama had the owner and chef gather up all the ingrediatents and pans and fly to the White House to personally prepare the pizzas, this as Americans are losing their homes and jobs and businesses.

On 7 April 2009, the Obama regime released to law enforcement an “assessment” that informed recipients of the report of how military veterans, gun owners, pro-lifers, pro-soveriegnty, anti-illegal immigration and other conservative Americans could be terrorists who might attack the homeland. The DHS document was roundly debunked by a variety of organizations as a piece of liberal trash meant to incite fear and distrust of conservatives.

On 14 April 2009, North Korea, despite Obama claiming repeatedly that he would get the to listen to reason, pulled out of the six-party talks, ordered UN inspectors out of the country, and announced it was restarting its nuke program.

On 13 April 2009, Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, admitted falsely reporting to the Congress that she had received only $12,000 from infamous Kansas late-term abortionist George Tiller, and that she really accepted $35,000.

On 15 April 2009, the Times of London reported on French President Sarkozy’s insulting remarks and very negative opinions on Obama, calling Obama’s ideas “rhetoric,” saying Obama is naive, that most of his proposals came from the Bush administration, that Obama’s climate plans were behind those of Europe and his tax plans were unsatisfactory. The stream of insults received wide coverage in the French press as well.

On 16 April 2009, NBC reported that the White House had requested Georgetown University cover up the IHS symbol for Jesus in Gaston Hall for Obama’s speech there. The university admitted this was true and that it had complied with the request from the Obama regime to places drapes over the symbol that would have appeared behind and above Obama during his speech.

On 16 April 2009, DHS Secretary Napolitano apologized to veterans for insulting them in her department’s 7 April 2009 “assessment” that veterans may become domestic terrorists and attack the homeland using their combat skills.

In April 2009, Obama declassified and ordered released for publication numerous top secret documents relating to the interrogation of terrorists that, among other things, revealed the CIA’s interrogation processes and which techniques are the most effective. For mer CIA Director Michael Hayden stated doing so aided and abetting the enemy, which is treason under the United States Code.

On 21 April 2009, David Axelrod, Obama’s top political advisor, stated “amti-Americanism isn’t cool anymore” among other countries due to Obama’s apologetic, anti-American statements made in the UK, Europe and Latin America. The irony and contradictory nature of the statement was apparently lost on Axelrod.

In a total reversal of his policy as stated the week before, on 21 April 2009, Obama said his regime is now open to the prosecution of Bush administration officials who stated the law allows for enhanced interrogation methods. The day prior, Obama went to the CIA and swore to them that he would protect them.

On the weekend of 19-20 April 2009 on CNN, Obama regime DHS Secretary Napolitano, a pro-illegal alien amnesty activist, lied by stating “crossing the border is not a crime per se” in refering to illegal aliens. In reality, 8 U.S.C. 1325 states very cleary that illegally crossing the US border is a crime: a misdeamor for the first offense and a felony for additional offenses.

A once top secret and now declassified CIA memo dated 30 May 2005 revealed that Obama lied when he stated that no intelligence gathered from captured al Qaeda terrorists via waterboarding had resulted in an attack being prevented. The memo stated that 9-11 operations chief Khalid Sheik Mohammed at first refused to cooperate under standard interrogation methods, but after being waterboarded revealed that a 9-11-style attack using East Asian terrorists was planned for Los Angeles and that the attack was thwarted because of the intelligence KSM surrendered during the waterboarding.

On 20 April 2009, Venezuelan Marxist strongman Hugo Chavez stated that, under Obama, socialism is now reaching the United States. Obama, at the Summit of the Americas, refered to the dictator as his “amigo” and warmly greeted the thug as a comrade, even accepting a book on the evils of the United States from him, which he said he would read.

On 20 April 2009, in an interview with the CBC, DHS Secretary Napolitano claimed that some of the 9-11 terrorists entered the US via Canada. This is an outright lie. As the 9-11 Commission reported, all of the 9-11 terrorists entered the US from abroad. She then stated that no terrorists have entered the US via Mexico, which is patently false according to the Director of the FBI in testimony before the Congress.

On 16 April 2009, Obama regime Department of Education Sec. Arne Duncan signed a Joint Statement of Exchange and Cooperation with the Chinese Minister of Education Zhou Ji. The Chinese government is listed by the State Department as a nation that operates massive and brutal “re-education camps” for dissidents, some of whom do not survive the horrific conditions and violence for which the camps are infamous. Obama claimed during his campaign that he would be the best human rights president.

On 22 April 2009, the Obama regime asked a federal court to throw out a lawsuit filed by Americans held hostage for 444 days by the terrorist regime of Iran during the Carter administration. The suit seeks $6.6 billion from the genocidal terrorist regime, but the Obama regime, siding with the terrorists, says an agreement between Carter and the terrorists disallows the suit.

On “Earth Day” 2009, Obama made two Air Force One (Boeing 747) flights and four Marine One (Sikorsky VH-3D Sea King) flights to places like Des Moines to make speeches about the importance of using less carbon-based fuel, like jet juel and helicopter fuel. He used more than 9,000 gallons of fuel during those flights and the aircraft dumped huge amounts of toxic pollutants into the air while doing so.

In April 2009, Obama appointed Rosa Brooks to the position of advisor to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, a highly influential and coveted position which will grant her access to huge amounts of the nation’s most sensistive national security and military secrets. Brooks, a former LA Times columnist who has railed against Jews and a radical leftist who worked for billionaire extremist Socialist George Soros, has publicly sided with al Qaeda in its war against America. She has no military experience whatsoever.

On 20 April 2009, The New York Times reported that Obama was considering coverting the preferred stock it owns in banks that took TARP funds into common stock, which would give the regime voting rights on each bank’s policies and management, which is a key factor in socialism in that Obama would be able to control credit via controlling the banks, and thus the economy.

On 23 April 2009, Rasmussen Reports published a poll that said 58% of Americans believe Obama damaged national security by releasing the once Top Secret memos on enhanced interrogation techniques of al Qaeda terrorists. Only 28% said in the telephone poll that the release was helpful.

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    I really find this list of “the ones” accomplishments and failures useful. He is slopping over faster than I can remember and need a refresher.
    The comments on Fox and the polls on line I have seen indicate that Obama is on thin ice. Most of the comments mentioned his arrogance and his mocking the tea baggers.
    He is digging us a hole that id going to be very difficult to climb out. A early resignation by the teleprompter in chief would be very helpful. Those following him will soon be chasing him.

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