Deal between NRA leadership and Democrats leaves most Republicans in the dark

McCarthy Bill Rammed Through The House

Sunday, 14 June 2009 00:00

— Deal between NRA leadership and Democrats leaves most Republicans in the dark

Wednesday started out as a routine day in the U.S. Congress, with Representatives attending congressional hearings, meeting with constituents, perhaps devising clever new ways to pick our pockets.

At 8:30 in the morning an email went out to House Republicans indicating that a gun control bill, recently introduced by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY), was on the Suspension Calendar (normally reserved for “non-controversial” bills).

Many Representatives didn’t see that email until it was too late. Less than three hours later, the bill passed by a voice vote. The bill in question, H.R. 2640, is a massive expansion of the Brady Gun Control law, the subject of many previous alerts by Gun Owners of America.

Its passage in the House is a case study in backroom deal making, unholy alliances and deceit. A sausage factory in a third world country with no running water has nothing on today’s U.S. Congress.

The Washington Post reported earlier this week that a deal had been struck between the NRA leadership and Democrat leaders in the House. The headline read: “Democrats, NRA Reach Deal on Background-Check Bill.”

Red flags went up throughout the pro-gun community. Who was party to this “deal,” and how many of our rights were being used as bargaining chips?

The McCarthy bill, at the time, looked to be going nowhere. The general consensus among pro-gun Congressmen was that any gun bill offered by McCarthy was simply DOA.

After all, if there were such a thing as a single issue Member of Congress, it would have to be McCarthy. Rep. McCarthy ran for office to ban guns; Hollywood made a movie about her efforts to ban guns; and she is currently the lead sponsor of a bill that makes the old Clinton gun ban pale by comparison.

Even many Democrats wouldn’t go near a McCarthy gun bill. They have learned that supporting gun control is a losing issue. Enter Rep. John Dingell (D-MI), the so-called Dean of the House, having served since the Eisenhower administration. Dingell is also a former NRA Board member, and was in that capacity tapped to bring the NRA leadership to the table.

The end result of the negotiations was that this small clique among the NRA leadership gave this bill the support it needed to pass.

But why was it necessary to pass the bill in such an underhanded fashion? If this is such a victory for the Second Amendment, why all the secrecy? Why was a deal forged with the anti-gun Democrat House leadership, keeping most pro-gun representatives in the dark? Why was the bill rammed through on the Suspension Calendar with no recorded vote with which to identify those who are against us?

For starters, it would be a hard sell indeed for the NRA leadership to explain to its members what they would gain by working with McCarthy. If this legislation had gone before the NRA membership for a vote, it would have been rejected. For that matter, if it went through the House in the regular fashion, with committee hearings and recorded votes, it would have been defeated.

Consider also what the bill is: GUN CONTROL! The lead sentence in an Associated Press article accurately stated that, “The House Wednesday passed what could become the first major federal gun control law in over a decade.”

The bill’s supporters can talk all they want to the contrary, but forcing the states to hand over to the federal government millions of records of Americans for the purpose of conducting a background check is certainly an expansion of gun control.

This is a bill designed to make the gun control trains run on time. Problem is, the train’s on the wrong track. We don’t need greater efficiency enforcing laws that for years we have fought as being unconstitutional.

Sure, there are provisions in the bill by which a person who is on the prohibited persons list can get his name removed, but not before proving one’s innocence before a court, or convincing a psychiatrist that he should be able to own a gun (though most psychiatrists would be more likely to deem a person mentally defective for even wanting to own guns).

Sad thing is, this bill, which spends hundreds of millions of your dollars, will do nothing to make us safer. More gun control laws will not stop the next deranged madman. What will stop a killer is an armed law-abiding citizen. In the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy, we should be considering removing barriers that prevent honest, decent people from carrying their lawfully possessed firearms.

We don’t know where the next shooting will occur; that’s something the killer decides. So whether it is in a school, a church, a shopping mall or a government building, we should urge our elected officials to repeal so-called gun free zones and oppose more gun control.

Instead, we end up with a bill supported by Handgun Control and Sarah Brady, Chuck Schumer, Teddy Kennedy, Carolyn McCarthy, and the rest of the Who’s Who of the anti-gun movement, and all the while the NRA leadership maintains that this is a win for gun owners.

This is a Faustian bargain, which will repeatedly haunt gun owners in the years to come.

But you should realize why they had to do it this way. Your activism has resulted in an avalanche of grassroots opposition against this bill. Gun owners have raised their voices of opposition loud-and-clear, and many congressmen have been feeling the heat.

The fight is not over. They still have to run this through the Senate. Already, there is a small cadre of pro-gun senators who are ready to slow this bill down and do everything they can to kill it. To be frank, a bill that has the support of all the anti-gun groups and the NRA will be tough to beat, but we will continue to fight every step of the way.

Although we’ve suffered a setback, we want to thank all of you for the hard work you’ve done. Your efforts derailed the McCarthy bill for the past five years and we would have prevailed again were it not for the developments described above.

Be looking for an upcoming alert to the U.S. Senate. GOA will give you the particulars of the bill that passed the House, and we will provide you suggested language for a pre-written letter to your two senators.

Stay tuned. There is more to come.

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10 Responses to “Deal between NRA leadership and Democrats leaves most Republicans in the dark”

  1. the dark | Latest Trends Says:

    […] Deal between NRA leadership and Democrats leaves most Republicans … […]


  2. Steve Jones Says:

    That was a 2007 bill
    this is OLD news


  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Well Steve, yes, it was, and it was brought back. You might try reading things, as well as checking the datelines.


  4. Henry Bowman Says:

    This looks like absolute drivel.

    Thomas ( says that HR 2640 is a bill by Betty Sutton of Ohio:

    “To accelerate motor fuel savings nationwide and provide incentives to registered owners of high polluting automobiles to replace such automobiles with new fuel efficient and less polluting automobiles.”

    The only gun-control bill in McCarthy’s name is HR 2401:

    “To increase public safety and reduce the threat to domestic security by including persons who may be prevented from boarding an aircraft in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, and for other purposes.”

    It’s been referred to Judiciary, and hasn’t come out.

    So rather than tell other people to do their homework, how about YOU provide some support for YOUR claims? (Your “SOURCE” link leads to a dead page at, so you’re already not looking too good.)


  5. Holy Mackerel! The Brady Bill Returns! « John Jacob H’s RKBA Commentary Says:

    […] Mackerel! The Brady Bill Returns! The Liberty Sphere points us to a column from the Conservative Libertarian Outpost which chronicles a dark Machiavellian deal between the NRA ( America’s Oldest Gun Control […]


  6. JB Says:

    HR2640 became law Jan 8, 2008

    Click to access getdoc.cgi


  7. Henry Bowman Says:

    Furthermore, the bill being talked about in the Post article “Democrats, NRA Reach Deal on Background-Check Bill” ALREADY BECAME LAW IN December of 2007. It was the law we refer to as the “Veterans’ Disarmament Act.”

    Where did you get all this misinformation??


  8. JB Says:

    “You will remember that before the Independence Day break, the House
    of Representatives passed a McCarthy gun control bill (HR 2640)
    without any hearings, without any committee action… they put it on
    the Suspension Calendar and simply got a non-recorded voice vote.”

    Your words, from your post dated July 10, 2007


  9. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Okay guys, I’m trying to figure out how the page that was originally linked got up in the first place. It appeared that the thing in it’s original form had been resurrected. That said, I stand by the fact that the NRA will, and does sell out their constituency on a regular basis. Further, that Life Members such as myself are rarely truly represented by them. That was my main complaint, then in 2007, and now!


  10. Patrick Sperry Says:

    At this point in time I am unable to find out how the page went online. It made it appear, to me at least, that the original bill had been revived. That, is why I posted it. It certainly did, at the time, appear that the NRA was yet again allowing political expediency to rule the day rather than sticking to what was so obviously their constituencies desires.

    Any faults for doing what I believed to be truthful at the time should be directed toward myself, and not the many others that linked to this post.


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