Going Galt

Major Hat Tip to Anthony at The Liberty Sphere for this one. My only beef with this is that Ayn Rand was clearly a Libertarian not a Conservative.

Conservatives who love their country, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and human liberty have had enough.  Word came last night that a massive protest is planned in order to send Washington a message.

On July 30, conservatives are ‘going Galt,’ named after Ayn Rand’s famous character John Galt from her novel Atlas Shrugged, and thus  refuse to show up for work.  They plan to ‘call in conservative.’

From the Eastside TeaParty blog:

You knew this day was coming with a government ramming a socialist agenda down everyone’s throat.

This may be the only way to wake our leaders up and show them they better pay attention to the people, that are none too happy with the dismantling of our country.

The following just went out tonight!

On July 30th, Conservatives are “Going Galt”.

On that date, we are asking Conservatives all across the nation to “Call in Conservative”. On July 30th, Conservatives will not work, we will not buy. Instead, we will spend time with our families and friends. We will show President Obama and Congress who REALLY drives this economy. For more information on “A Day Without Conservatives , contact Judson Phillips at judson@teapartynation.com.

This is major news…a protest with teeth.  Unlike the Tea Parties, which I supported and continue to support, this particular protest goes a step further.  Conservatives will show the nation what it would be like if we simply did not work or spend our money.  This means that on that day we will not buy groceries, gasoline, snacks, patronize restaurants, or head out to Walmart or Target or any other retailer.

If this means businesses lose billions of dollars on that day, fine.  If this means that travel will be disrupted, good.  If this means communication systems are crippled, so be it.

Can you imagine the number of conservatives that work in various sectors of the economy who simply will not work on July 30?  Can you imagine that not a single conservative will spend their money at restaurants, gasoline stations, or retailers on that day?  The potential for this protest is enormous.

But government has pushed the citizens to this point.  For now, this is a peaceful but firm protest to show Washington and ‘progressives’ that they can no longer expect us to simply roll over and play dead as they ram a socialist agenda down our throats.  There are more of us than there are of them.  We can shut this country down if we so choose.

No doubt employers and business owners will threaten employees with termination if they ‘call in conservative’ on that day.  Don’t let them intimidate you.  They need conservative employees, who tend to be the most reliable and conscientious.  And, it must be stated that some will probably lose their jobs.  Thus, your participation is a matter of great sacrifice.

On the other hand, many business owners may well wish to join in the protest and simply shut down for the day.  Businesses have been hit hard in the Obama attack on free enterprise and markets…and tax policy.

However, the burning issue at hand is taking the country back from Chicago thugs, charlatans, crooks, liars, and a Congress that is run by incompetent boobs who are just as corrupt as the gang at the White House.

We are now presented with a major opportunity to make a difference and force Washington to sit up and take notice of our deep discontent.  The pivotal issue is how many conservatives are willing to join this ‘call in conservative’ day.  If you are with us, the person to contact is listed in the quotation from the Eastside Tea Party blog above.

Your country and its rule of law–The United States Constitution–need your help at this critical time.  If multi-millions of citizens participate, there is no way Washington can ignore us.  And if they do,  the next step may not be so pretty.

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6 Responses to “Going Galt”

  1. toan hoc Says:

    It ‘s a perfect writing. Thank you.

  2. Cole20 » Posts about Wordpress dor education as of 1 July 2009 Says:

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  3. TexasFred Says:

    I wonder how many OUT OF WORK Conservatives are gonna not go in to, uh, wait..

    Not go in to work?? The next day unemployment would be UP, a lot of businesses will be looking for new employees, this is a target rich environment. Folks are desperate for jobs.

    I am not at all convinced that *calling in conservative* is a good thing, UNLESS, those that do actually take to the streets in a concerted effort and massive PUBLIC protest.

    If anyone thinks *calling in conservative* and then sitting on their fat asses at home is an effective protest, they need their heads examined.

  4. TexasFred Says:

    P.S. My comments above were sent to Judson Phillips, exactly as written…

    I am starting to seriously wonder if some TEA Party groups are getting too far out there in the WRONG direction…

    I am all for effective protest, but calling in to work and sitting at the house is NOT a protest…

    Personally, I think it’s a LAME effort at best, a *feel good* kind of thing. If you’re going to protest, do it right, GET SOME ATTENTION!!

  5. A *Call in Conservative* Protest Says:

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  6. Patrick Sperry Says:

    And I agree Fred, but it does appear to be a beginning thought. If, it were tied to something demonstrative.

    Just not going to work for a day will not accomplish much, if anything positive IMO.

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