Erin Go Bragh? Probably not…

Ireland Forever, or Erin Go Bragh in the bastardized version. My people first came to America more than two centuries ago. As indentured servants of Anglo masters, and a later wave that sought escape from the British tyranny, and overt starvation if the legends are true. My people were, as a Sioux friend calls us, the first wave of “Boat People.” Nevertheless, they were fiercely loyal to the new homeland. Despite overt prejudice based upon racism and religious intolerance they always called themselves Americans.

Hyphens were not allowed at all. While at the same time never forgetting their heritage. Be that from pride, or as a tool so that what they had gone through in the past never be forgotten by the generations to come. Seems that the good folks still inhabiting the emerald isle learned nothing from all the trials and tribulations though. At least they are following in lock step with the failed British social experiment that destroys the Rights of Englishmen everywhere it has been tried. Indeed, as Americans acknowledge, our very Constitution is based in large part upon the Magna Carta. The foundation of modern liberty.

Now, at a time when all of Europe is under assault by terrorist’s in the guise of Islam Ireland’s government seeks the  death and destruction of it’s very people via a weapon control scheme. The same old tired arguments of tyrants are being used as cover for this act against their own blood.

Perhaps the Irish Republican Army was right in fighting the powers that be. No, I do not condone their socialist agenda, or methodology. But the underlying ideology of Irish liberty and freedom, is difficult to ignore.

Read about this pathway to Irish servitude HERE.

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