Let the (WAR GAMES) Begin!

California, the Golden State, is an economic disaster due to the states citizenry constantly electing socialists to office. From free this to free that the people of California seem to have one constant theme. That being government solution for every social evil from whatever corner the need arises.

The RINO in chief tossed the forces of anti freedom a bone. The unintended consequences of which will, no doubt, spur the economy. People just never learn. Or so it seems to be in my birth state.

The best example of what is about to unfold would be Prohibition followed closely by the failed drug war. Come one,come all, to California! Once again, the land of milk and honey! Business opportunity is about to, pardon the pun, explode! AB 962 was passed into law. For a look at what will without question become a booming business read HERE.

California can’t secure it’s borders from all the drug and people smuggling gangs as is already. What makes the state think that it can keep ammunition out? Talk about making an entire state a free fire zone…


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6 Responses to “Let the (WAR GAMES) Begin!”

  1. TexasFred Says:

    Do you remember my rather succinct comment regarding England?

    Same thing here…

    FUCK CALIFORNIA and their POS Governor too…

    That useless POS of a state needs to slide off into the Pacific…


  2. Corve DaCosta Says:

    They showed the voters how not to a state. This is a travesty.


  3. TexasFred Says:

    And then that half-assed commie bastard governor gives a faggot like Harvey Milk a DAY all his own… Travesty indeed…


  4. Spook Says:

    Talk, talk, talk, and talk some more.


  5. Patrick Sperry Says:

    That may not be the case this time Spook, after all. Follow the money!


  6. Cole20 » Posts about Wordpress dor education as of 15 October 2009 Says:

    […] The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Free Web Hosting And Having Your Own Web Server?What Let the (WAR GAMES) Begin! – patricksperry.wordpress.com 10/13/2009 California, the Golden State, is an economic […]


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