Registration, then confiscation, then what? Ovens?

I was sent this from a colleague. I was like, guess what? I’ve been bitching about this for years. So now it’s a big deal? Why the sudden interest is my question. The B.A.T.F.E. is a rogue agency period. Some legitimacy, applied as lipstick on a pig was bestowed on them during the Clinton years by adding Explosives enforcement and investigation to their duties. To an agency that, at that time, was under the control of the IRS? What the hell? Isn’t the F.B.I. capable of enforcing Federal laws? All the lipstick that the History Channel has been applying to this out of control group as of late still will not cleanse the sins of the past committed by them in the name of unbridled power and control.

Still, I suppose better late than never as the saying goes. J.F.P.O. has been on top of this since at least 1994.

Read about this blatant abuse of power and disregard for the rule of law HERE.

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5 Responses to “Registration, then confiscation, then what? Ovens?”

  1. TexasFred Says:

    WTF? Are we visionaries? Way ahead of the times and all of our contemporaries? We have both been trying to tell people, long before anyone knew who that Kenyan POS was, that this shit was coming..

    They’re just getting the message NOW?


  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    No kidding. Makes ya sick.


  3. hoosierarmymom Says:

    Lots of information in that post Patrick. Thank you for all you do to defend the rights of all Americans.


  4. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Thanks HAM, and thanks for stopping by.


  5. Cole20 » Posts about Wordpress dor education as of 25 October 2009 Says:

    […] and historical context Looks at a variety of topics, including the relation between Darwinism Registration, then confiscation, then what? Ovens? – 10/24/2009 I was sent this from a colleague. I was like, guess […]


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