The Addiction Series: Getting ready for Wild Turkey

Yes, I know. It’s Big Game season across much of the land. Not to mention upland bird and waterfowl seasons are, or are beginning to get going depending on where you are located.

This is, however, the time to not only think about spring Turkey hunting, but to prep for it. Thinking Colorado, and probably elsewhere. This is the time of year when you will most probably be meeting farmers and ranchers. In the coffee shops and stores as you go about your pursuit of Deer, Elk, Pheasant,and quail. Should you come upon a person that has tumbled their load of hay on a back country road? Pull over, and give them a hand getting it back onto their trailer or truck. It’s a great way to get information on local animals, and just might open a door to huntable land.

I have written elsewhere on this blog about Bosque Del Oso SWA, and places that are close to Denver where birds can be found. Guess what? From the confluence of Clear Creek and the South Platte River near Commerce City all the way to the border there are what are probably the thickest populations of Rio Grande Turkey’s in the state. The stretch between Commerce City and Fort Lupton being exceptional habitat. Getting permission to hunt though, is often the toughest part of the hunt. Get permission before you apply for a limited license. That’s where pre-planning,and getting to know the locals comes in. What follows is a video of Wild Turkey’s in similar riparian habitat courtesy of the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Enjoy!


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  1. TexasFred Says:

    I saw WILD TURKEY and I immediately thought: 101 😛

  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Well, that too! 😀

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