New Details Emerge on House HC Bill


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New Details Emerge on House HC Bill

As we reported yesterday, the gargantuan 1990-page ‘healthcare reform’ bill agreed upon by the House is replete with booby-traps for the citizens. New details revealed today indicate that the ‘death panels’ Sarah Palin warned about are back and very present in the bill.

This provision will determine who is worthy of care based upon age and overall health, which will most certainly result in rationing for the elderly. In addition, the measure mandates that ‘end of life counseling’ be offered to the elderly.

The cost of the plan is also of great interest. According to the Congressional Budget Office the pricetag will be 1.055 TRILLION, far above the supposed goal of Nancy Pelosi and others to keep the cost below a trillion bucks.

But by the time ALL of the hidden costs are added in to the measure, the actual price is more like 2 trillion at the very least.

Let’s take a quick review of the provisions of the bill as they are known so far:

*It covers illegal aliens.
*It covers abortions.
*It raises taxes.
*It mandates that all citizens purchase health insurance (which is unconstitutional).
*It takes billions out of Medicare and depletes the Medicare Advantage supplemental programs.
*It gives the HHS Secretary the power to create ‘waiting lists’ which is tantamount to rationing.
*It imposes heavy fines on individuals who fail to purchase insurance and on businesses that fail to provide it for their employees, leading to unemployment and layoffs since many businesses can’t afford it.
*It maintains the so-called ‘public option’ which will drive private insurers out of business. In short, this is government-run healthcare.

The House will debate the bill next week. Assuming it passes, which is in doubt, it will have to go to a conference committee to reconcile the bill with a Senate version. The Senate has already made it clear that ObamaCare is in deep trouble with heavy hitters such as Joe Lieberman and Olympia Snowe indicating they will not support the plan.

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  1. TexasFred Says:

    It covers everything that true CONSERVATIVES stand against!

    The whole damned thing is nothing but lies and WILL be the ruination of the USA…

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