“Clear the Bench Colorado”

Judicial arrogance is nothing new, yet this past week the Colorado Supreme Court established a new benchmark in being better than thou. From Mike Rosen at The Denver Post

The liberal majority on the Colorado Supreme Court has taken judicial chutzpah to a new level.

In a 4-3 decision last week, they overturned two lower court rulings and declared that, henceforth, unelected judges rather than elected legislators will determine how much money Colorado taxpayers must spend on K-12 education. The victorious plaintiffs in the case included the usual suspects: the teachers union and other educratic organizations.

This will encourage a spate of “adequacy” lawsuits which activists hope will mandate an additional $3 billion in school spending on top of the $4.7 billion we already spend. Given the current state of the economy, this is obviously money we don’t have.

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Actions and arrogance often lead to grassroots movements that seek to reign in such behavior. Be that The Tea Party, Gun Owners of America, or a new group in Colorado.

Clear the Bench Colorado is just such an organization. If you are from Colorado, or have an interest there click on the link. The Colorado Supreme Court is one of, if not the most partisan high state court in the country. The law should be above politics, period. If you think this doesn’t concern you, think again, because the same thing may be coming to your state soon!

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  2. CTBC Director Says:

    Patrick –

    thanks much for the positive mention and comment on your blog!

    Much obliged – appreciate the help in spreading the word. The more people hear about this before they gey their ballots next year, the greater the chance that these out-of-control, activist, unconstitutional unjust justices will be voted off the bench.

    Folks can keep in the loop on the latest from Clear The Bench Colorado not only via the website (http://www.clearthebenchcolorado.org) but also via the Clear The Bench Colorado Facebook fan page & group, and by signing up to “follow” us on Twitter (ClearTheBenchCO).

    Matt Arnold
    Director, Clear The Bench Colorado


  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Piece of cake Matt, and if I can help by keeping this in front of people, I will do that at every opportunity.


  4. Lori Hanegan Says:

    We need to do more to awake the voters. I am putting up signs to vote no Judge Bryan in Adams County and No to Judge Munsinger in Jefferson County.


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