Olofson Relief Fund: You could very well be next!

David Olofson has been subjected to a gross miscarriage of justice. What happened to Olofson could happen to any American who owns a semi-automatic firearm.

He was convicted of knowingly transferring an unregistered machine gun — a standard semi-auto rifle which fired two three-round bursts and then jammed. Gun owners call that a malfunction. The federal government calls it an easy way to get a felony conviction. David was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison.

The Olofson Relief Fund has been set up to allow concerned Americans help the Olfosons make their mortgage and (their one) car payments while Dave is unable to work. Gun Owners of America is acting as the agent for the fund.

ALL moneys collected will be transferred regularly to the mortgage and car loan holders.

For more information about Olofson’s railroading, and to contribute to the fund, please see:  http://gunowners.org/olofson.htm

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