Lautenberg Bill Pretends Gun Ban Agenda is an Anti-Terror Tool.

Lautenberg, the mere mention of the name should bring up thoughts of treasonous big government and mysandry. This is the man responsible for ruining the lives of untold numbers of men and women. The man that turned western law on it’s head by passing, in the dead of the night when no one was looking, ex post facto law. In clear violation of the Constitution, as well as his oath to support and defend that Constitution.

Since when did disagreeing with some ass hat in political power be sufficient cause for people to lose their unalienable or Constitutional rights? Well, I seriously cannot put the blame for that on obama. It’s been going on for quite some time ( Although the recent acceleration in attempts to achieve that can be laid at his administrations feet.) I won’t bother to say much about the international oppressors that did, and still do these things. People like Mao, Che, and a guy with a funny mustache come to mind.

But, this is America. Things like that have indeed happened in the past. We acknowledge those things, and have supposedly progressed beyond that sort of thinking. Part of American exceptionalism is that we actually do make corrections when something is being done that violates the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

Unless of course, it involves the ATF, or Senator Lautenberg and or, his equally treasonous  co-conspirator Senator Schumer. You thought that the days of Blacklisting based upon politics alone were something that went away with Joe McCarthy? Hate to inform you, but political bigotry is alive and well and will most probably be coming to a city or town near you soon.

Read about it HERE.

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