Columbine Redux?: CSU mulls weapons ban

Several years ago the federal government passed the “Free Fire Zones” law that led to the many atrocities that have come to pass. The Columbine High School tragedy probably being the most infamous. Years before the atrocity I addressed the implications of such a law in a letter to the editor at the now defunct Rocky Mountain News. I further addressed the issue in a disaster plan that I took part in writing based upon the lessons learned while studying about such acts in Israel, and across the middle east as well as in other places around the world.

People didn’t listen back then, and the fruits of such Ostrich like behavior were payed for in the blood and lost lives of many innocents all over America, as well as the rest of the world. Those same deadly sentiments are again being espoused by those that should, by now, know better.

When water cooler politics become more important than lives then a hearty dose of logic and reason need to be administered. Sadly, for some reason, I don’t have faith in the people who will be making the decisions.

First, from the local newspaper we have:

Today, Colorado State University defaults to state law, which permits people with a concealed-carry permit to carry a handgun in most places on campus. Weapons are banned in residence halls.

At the prompting of the university’s faculty council, President Tony Frank is considering whether to enact a near-ban on concealed carrying in classrooms and other common areas.

The university’s public safety team and Frank’s cabinet both unanimously recommended such a ban in October, university spokesman Brad Bohlander said. The faculty council last year asked Frank to consider creating a weapons policy but didn’t suggest what it should be.

“The public safety team came down on the side of believing the potential risk of having more weapons in such densely populated areas is a greater risk,” Bohlander said. “They felt that greater access to weapons leads to greater potential risk on campus.”


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Then we have this from State Senator Brophy, used with permission see sidebar for a link to his website.

I thought you might like to see a letter that I am
to Colorado State University. They are considering a
policy of banning
concealed carry on campus. I really
think that is a mistake.


December 1, 2009

To my friends at Colorado
State University,

As a former student of Colorado
State University,
it saddens me to see that my alma mater is
considering banning concealed carry
by law-abiding citizens on campus, which would
effectively take away their
right to self defense.

I was a member of the Colorado
legislature during the final debate on making
Colorado a “Shall Issue” concealed
carry state.

I remember how some in the House and Senate wailed
and moaned that Colorado would turn into
the Wild West, with shootouts happening everywhere
and blood running in the
streets. The same arguments echoed
throughout the chambers of legislatures around the
country when those states
decided to allow for greater freedom through more
relaxed concealed carry laws

In no place did we see increased shootings; on the
contrary, the
statistics are clear. States that allow
more citizens to carry concealed see a reduction in
crime rates.

I believe we’ll see the same at CSU.

Further, I’m convinced that criminals are emboldened
when they
know that an area is designated as a “no carry” “criminal
safe zone”.

The public nature of the discussion of this policy at
CSU will serve to
create an impression in the minds of criminals –
either the campus will be
wide open for them to prey on students and visitors
or it will be a dangerous
place for thugs to be thugs.

I respectfully urge you to resist this move to make
CSU into another Boulder and less safe.


Greg Brophy

State Senator

CSU student, 1984-1988

It is my belief that Senator Greg Brophy needs to be elected to higher office.

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