Climate Gate: As the world turns..? This is some soap opera!

The faux science called man made Global Warming is being blown apart as scandal after scandal, as well as lie after lie becomes exposed to the light of day. Anthony, over at The Liberty Sphere assembled a rather astonishing array of evidence, much of it from another WordPress Blog, Watts Up With That.

After nearly a month and counting since the story broke on the biggest scandal in scientific history, a major daily newspaper has finally undertaken a thorough examination of the evidence in the Climategate scandal.

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Granted, the newspaper in question is not in the United States but the U.K.  And still, even after a month the television news broadcasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC continue to ignore the story.

The London Daily Mail published their findings of a special investigation into Climategate.  And, the news isn’t good for the scientific community, the United Nations, or anyone else who attempts to peddle the hoax of ‘global warming’ or its snake-oil cures.

Perhaps the most damning of the findings of the Daily Mail’s investigation is the following admission by Professor Roger Pielke of the University of Colorado’s environmental studies:

‘These emails open up the possibility that big scientific questions we’ve regarded as settled may need another look.

‘They reveal that some of these scientists saw themselves not as neutral investigators but as warriors engaged in battle with the so-called sceptics.

‘They have lost a lot of credibility and as far as their being leading spokespeople on this issue of huge public importance, there is no going back.’

Just as damning as the admission that the scientists on the front lines of the ‘global warming’ propaganda have lost all credibility is the data showing that temperatures during the era known as ‘the Medieval warm period,’ which lasted roughly from 1000 to 1300 B.C., were much warmer than global temperatures today–a full 400-700 years before humans began pumping out those ‘deadly greenhouse gases.’


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Please follow the links, and comment as you would. The shear economic impact upon the entire world should these maniac’s agenda come about should be enough to wake up anyone, anywhere.

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