Arrogance and hypocrisy

The prostitutes in the Senate need a message sent to them loud, and clear. Get ready for the unemployment line you bunch of whores.

President Obama’s Saturday radio address was almost mystifying in its arrogance and hypocrisy. His own words underscore the need for the Read the Bills Act.

Please tell Congress to delay passing healthcare legislation until the people have had a chance to read it. And tell them to pass the Read the Bills Act.

This is what I wrote in my letter . . .

President Obama’s Saturday radio address claims that because a “clear majority” in the Senate favors the latest slapped-together healthcare bill, that the opposition should just give up.

President Obama ignores the glaring fact that no “clear majority” of the American people favors these schemes. If anything, a slight majority opposes them.

Should Congress ignore the will of the people? If the people are split on a bill that will reduce their liberties and transform the economy, is it wise for you to blindly move forward on a 2,000 page bill you won’t actually read?

Obama goes further to say that anyone who criticizes insurance regulations “simply hasn’t read the bills.”

But that’s the point!

Give us a chance to read the bills!

The Senate has kept introducing and withdrawing so many proposals that it’s hard to figure out whether the latest bill has even been posted online.

And, we don’t know what scandalous back-room deals have found their way into the bill.

Obama arrogantly assumes that he has the votes and that the debate should be over.

But how do we know if the debate should be over if we don’t know the contents of the bill?

I demand that Democrats and Republicans agree to take some time to consider this bill. It is extremely shallow and immature to stick to an arbitrary Christmas deadline. Instead, Democrats and Republicans should come together and introduce the Read the Bills Act. This will bring sanity back into the process.

But if Democrats insist on ramming this bill through, I encourage Republicans to employ every “delaying” tactic available to them, including having bill read aloud.

If nothing else, this will give the people a chance to actually read the bill.


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Finally, since December 1 Congress has passed a total of 59 bills totaling 2,581 pages. You can see the bills below my signature in the blog version of this Dispatch:

James Wilson
Assistant Communications Director

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