Chi Town and Thuggery verses The People of America!

Back when the Heller vs D.C. ruling came down the masses were thrilled. I warned back then that this battle was far from over, as did Gun Owners of America, The N.R.A. and every other reputable group that supports the Bill of Rights.

The anti Liberty and Freedom crowd find themselves in a precarious position as I see it. They are claiming that local rule should prevail. That sounds a lot like a Tenth Amendment argument to me. In other words, they are talking out of both sides of their faces. Incorporation either works for everything or the entire theory falls apart at the seams.

The same people are also using the old, tired, and utterly stupid argument that firearms kill people. They don’t, people kill people.

Should Otis McDonald prevail I submit that while it would be a major step forward in the cause of Liberty and Freedom the battle will still be far from over. The Supreme Court has, after all affirmed that ex post facto law is not un-Constitutional which is beyond comprehension. If, in fact there is a “win.” You can bet that there will be wiggle room left for the purveyors of despotism to impose their agenda upon the unwashed that are the people that they Laird it over.

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