It’s the Brady bunch, the Brady bunch…

Brady’s Push On Starbucks Continues: As we reported in February, the Brady Campaign has been plumbing the depths of desperation lately.  In an attempt at maintaining its relevance, the beleaguered group has attacked Starbucks for allowing the lawful carry of firearms in its stores as provided for by state law.

As we’ve pointed out, the Brady Campaign has been quick to fabricate a “right” to feel free from fear, while angrily scoffing at the right to self-protection.  To that end, last month the group encouraged its minions to sign a petition demanding that Starbucks establish a gun policy more restrictive than state law. “I demand that Starbucks stand up for the safety of its customers and prohibit guns in your [sic] retail establishments,” the petition read.


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One Response to “It’s the Brady bunch, the Brady bunch…”

  1. Alfie Says:

    I don’t like the coffee there but good for them not getting involved via pandering to the nutties.
    People that are against open carry are just so pathetic. the criminal is going to bring theirs so why not allow an honest citizen have theirs. It could help as proven at MGH Boston not to long ago.


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