Concealed Carry Reform in Wyoming

While this is a step in the right direction it certainly does not go far enough, as was written about HERE, or HERE. Small victories are better than no victories. What really surprised me was that the pro epic fail obama Governor signed this. Along with his announcement last week that he will not be seeking reelection …

Concealed Carry Reform Becomes Law in Wyoming!

On Thursday, March 4, Governor Dave Freudenthal (D) signed Senate File 26 into law.  The bill is effective immediately.

Sponsored by State Senator Cale Case (R-25) and State Senator Eli Bebout (R-26), SF 26 will reform Wyoming’s concealed weapons permit laws regarding eligibility, reciprocity, and issuance of permits. This bill will limit the Attorney General’s ability to determine reciprocity by taking away his/her power to determine if that state has similar laws authorizing permits.

Please join us in thanking the sponsors of this bill, Senator Case and Senator Bebout, for all of their hard work and support.  Also please contact Governor Freudenthal to thank him for signing such important legislation into law. Contact information for the Governor can be found here.

Senator Cale Case (R-25)

Senator Eli Bebout (R-26)


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