Well folks, I’m back, and new things will be popping up soon I am sure. Comments will be released soon.

Quick run down on the various issues and news that caught my eye as I was out learning the fine art of splitting gears and putting a truck and trailer into a small space at a Flying “J” while not crashing into “lot lizards” of varying degrees of… never mind.

But, let’s get things rolling.

Sarah Palin, is not. I repeat NOT! A founder or representative of the Taxed Enough Already movement. People like Texas Fred are, as well as many others. We are not quitters like Sarah is. Having said that, I do like the Lady. Just not for any sort of serious leadership position. What she is, is a matter of record. She quit when the things got tough. We need leaders, not quitters.

The Arizona Law. Every damned state needs to enact a similar law. Worried about discrimination? That’s a very easy fix. Anyone that gets arrested for any crime. Infraction through felony gets a citizenship check. Must be too easy for our bloated politicians to figure out. Oh, yeah, and make being an illegal a felony.

The economy: Drain Bead politicians… Has anyone else noticed that every single time some obamanite declares the “recession” over more news comes out proving the exact opposite? Ain’t it funny how trickle down economics is voodoo economics until the reverse becomes blatantly apparent? As in, you got laid off when the boss didn’t have any money to pay you with anymore..?

VICTORY!: Ummm yeah! Victory was declared by the impostor in chief in Iraq. Welcome home Brothers and Sisters.

Afghanistan: Our “war president” will continue to toss decent and honorable people under the bus. Those are Our sons and daughters people. Enough said about that.

And then there is the never ending question: Can a graphite fly rod ever have the character and soul of a Bamboo rod?

God bless one and all; Sua Sponte!

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