Another episode of “Their back…”

The forces of anti freedom and liberty are back yet again pursuing their ultimate goal of submission of the masses to their agenda.

Read it here.

The shear stupidity of these people just never fails to astound those that think in a rational manner.

WEIS: It’s just common sense legislation. I don’t see how anyone could say this is restrictive when we’re simply asking for a background check if you’re going to buy a weapon. This is pretty simple to understand.

Thirty-three states, including Indiana, allow private dealers to sell guns to anyone without a background check.

They answer their own statement. There is a reason that thirty-three states do not agree. They also lie because if it is at a gun show, you have to be approved to exercise a “right.” This is about the outlawing of guns, and especially private sales or gifts. Hell, as it already is, I can’t “give” a firearm to my grandson legally…

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