Ready for a Democrat / Communist bloodbath..?

“The refutation of Crist, Murkowski and Castle is a wonderful thing, regardless of how it plays out in November. … In three primaries Republican voters decided they didn’t like what they saw in the three candidates presented by the establishment. In all three cases, the instincts of the voters were completely confirmed — by the subsequent actions of the hacks they drummed out of the party. Crist, Murkowski and Castle have made it abundantly clear they are devoid of anything resembling principles or party loyalty. All three have made something else clear as well: contempt for the average American has revealed itself to be far more ‘bipartisan’ than ever before. Such contempt has become so transparent and pervasive that the term ‘ruling class’ resonates like it never has: many Americans have become completely alienated from their representatives, regardless of party affiliation. Here’s a scary thought for Democrats: think what’s happening to the Republican party can’t happen to yours? Think again. A Congress with an approval rating of 23.6% while your party’s in charge can’t be reassuring. In November, if the public purges Democrats from the majority less than two years after Democrat political strategist James Carville’s proclaimed they would rule for the next forty, expect the kind of finger-pointing and blood-letting that will make the current Republican purge look tame by comparison. Americans may not agree about many things but one thing is certain: they are sick to death of selfish phonies selling themselves as ‘servants of the people.'” –columnist Arnold Ahlert

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3 Responses to “Ready for a Democrat / Communist bloodbath..?”

  1. The Moral Liberal Says:

    Just What is Barack Obama…

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  2. mainenowandthen Says:

    Mr. Ahlert has provided proof positive against the Left’s insistence that Republicans are mindless ideologues, slavishly accepting the GOP party line. The Republicans – and all other politicians of every stripe – need to be continually reminded that they maintain their privileged positions only through the will of those they claim to represent. If there are a significant number of Democrats unseated as well in November, Americans may have made a start toward reclaiming their country.

    In this case, it takes a nation to tame the political community ,,,,,,,


  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    I couldn’t agree more Maine.


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