Government Nannyism

“The Obama administration and congressional Democrats have adopted a view of virtually unlimited government power that is clearly contrary to the Founders] vision of a constitutionally limited government. In their vision, government roams the countryside fixing problems — any problems. Having trouble paying your mortgage? Don’t worry, the federal government will help you. Your local school not doing a good job? The federal government will be there to help. Don’t have health insurance? The federal government will make you buy it. … The Constitution, with all its messy checks and balances and its attempt to limit government to only certain ‘enumerated powers,’ is little more than a nuisance. … It makes one wonder why members of Congress take that silly oath to ‘support and defend the Constitution’ when they are sworn into office. ‘Are you serious?’ responded a stunned and baffled Nancy Pelosi when asked about the constitutionality of the health-care bill. … Perhaps the American public is waking up to the dangers of government power and the need for true constitutional restraint.” –Cato Institute’s Michael Tanner


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