Obamination: Just doing his job? Or was this sincere?

The post World War Two Democrats have been exceedingly disdainful of the United States Military. Yet, this impostor in chief that we have now did give what appeared to be a moving, and thoughtful dissertation with regards to a war that is in all of our faces. Yet appears to be among his greatest failures.

Was all this real? Or, yet again, simply politics.

Simply based upon my childhood background I was exposed to several Men that had earned the Medal of Honor. Merry, who sometimes deems it worthy to post here had one such man living next to her as she grew up. I myself had three such extraordinary people involved in my daily life. Such is the life of a Marine Corps brat…

Let me tell you something about such Men. They never brag, and in fact, attribute any thing that they may have done to a love for their fellows. They are, one and all, unassuming. They simply believe that they did what they did because it had to be done. To quote one Man, “Nobody else could fight, so I had too.”

The BHO, I think, is simply capitalizing on what happened.

Where as; People such as Myself, Merry, Maine, Fred, and so many others? Simply hold such Men in the highest level of respect, honor, and as templates for those that will follow. Audie Murphy would be proud of what this very young man did. Gads, a Special Forces Team Member at that age..? He had to be good! Back in the day? It took a few more years, rank notwithstanding, to make it onto an A-Team. This young Man, was an American Warrior, the real deal.

Gads… I simply do not trust this man…


Read about this outrage HERE

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One Response to “Obamination: Just doing his job? Or was this sincere?”

  1. mainenowandthen Says:

    I had the honor of serving with a recipient of the Medal of Honor. Patrick is correct: these are men whose overwhelming characteristics are a sense of duty and an aversion to talking about their deeds.

    My experiences place combat vets in the same category – they generally are reluctant to talk about their experiences and are reticent in discussing specifics (unless in the company of others with verifiable qualifications – if you have to ask what “verifiable” means, you won’t qualify). Those who openly boast about their military experiences, on the other hand, tend to be somewhat inaccurate.


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