Sort of a new category at CLO, sort of…

I’m going to start posting more often about products or services, and inviting guest posters / authors. Reviews of products such as IWB Holsters, pistols and other firearms. If you would like to submit an article just post a comment to that effect. Your email address will show up to me, and I will get into contact with you.  Spam will not be accepted period. legitimate endorsements will be. Training courses, and your post course evaluations will, I hope, be a biggy! We all know about Gunsite, and Front Sight, and we all know that there are often financial and or travel barriers to getting into those courses. Not to mention barriers to the individual person that wants or needs training. The last that I read, the Constititution didn’t say anything at all about a protected class of Americans. As in “This class is for active and reserve military; or Law Enforcement personnel only.” Beware of those that only want you, the private citizen, to be able to only sort of protect yourself.

This new page / category will also address such things as Bachelor cooking. How to actually sharpen that knife, or, straight razor. Making a firing pin for a 22 rim-fire from a piece of coat-hanger, or a tooth pick from the same, or even a chicken bone! I’d really like an expert to submit postings about herbal medicines that are available here in the back woods of America. While I do know some about the subject for some reason I believe that my readers would like to know more than save the charcoal from the bowl that you made in case of food poisoning, or that Cattail fuzz can make a very good wound dressing, or tampon! (The last is something that I was told, and I certainly cannot verify it as true!)

Hopefully, this new series will be a reference for all, and others will contribute. I still have to establish some ground rules but most Outdoors folks are pretty good about things like that. First job will be to name the category.

Oh, and let’s try and keep politics out of it. Sure, a link will be alright. As will link backs and trackbacks.

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  1. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Well? Since there are no offers of a name, I suppose I will just call it “The Man Cave!”


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