TSA continues to abuse Americans; Terrorist’s in our midst…

“Okay, I now have definitive proof that al Qaeda has actually won. It hasn’t achieved the dissolution of the United States, or succeeded in murdering millions of Americans, or re-established the Caliphate, but it has caused our government to debase itself in the name of security.” – Jeffrey Goldberg

I told Congress to abolish the TSA. I sent this letter using DownsizeDC.org’s Educate the Powerful System…  

I have four items for you, and some questions.

1. A four year-old girl in Wichita was treated like a terrorist because she violated TSA protocol by hugging her grandmother at the airport. (http://bit.ly/IP6Dv1)

If a private security firm did this, wouldn’t it face horrible publicity and lose business? Might Congress call the CEO of that firm to testify before a committee, so your colleagues could grandstand?

2. Rep. Francisco Canseco (TX-23) got into an altercation with an overly-aggressive TSA agent. (http://bit.ly/Ic4bP7).

Rep. Canseco asks, “What on earth is a U.S. congressman going to do on a plane? Pull out a gun and shoot everybody?” (http://politi.co/JG1zsK)

He’s right; no Congressman is going to shoot up the plane. But wouldn’t private security firms compete with each other to be less invasive, and respect the dignity of all passengers?

3. TSA agents asked a 79 year-old woman about “an anomaly in the crotch area” — loud enough for others to hear. Refusing a pat-down, she passed through the scanner again. (http://bit.ly/IuzWI2)

Again, wouldn’t private security firms compete with each other to be less invasive, and respect the dignity of passengers?

And why are the body scanners so unreliable?

4. Current and former TSA employees are under indictment for receiving bribes from drug couriers in Los Angeles and New Haven. (http://lat.ms/IMQIxS)

Wouldn’t a private security firm be more interested in detecting weapons and explosives, instead of drugs?

The TSA is a typical government agency. It has no incentive to please the customers. If airline security was completely privatized, airlines would compete with each other to provide not only safety, but also a dignified process and a pleasurable trip. Customer satisfaction would be their priority.

Don’t “fix” or “reform” the TSA. Abolish it.


If you agree with us that the TSA should be scrapped, please send a letter as well. You can borrow from or copy the above letter.

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Jim Babka
DownsizeDC.org, Inc.

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  1. Chuck Wentworth Says:

    Great post. TSA is beyond invasive, ridiculous and over the top. Just one more way our government wants to control us, with any means necessary, both overt and secretive.


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