Arab Spring, Arab rage; The enemy of my enemy

The enemy of my enemy as the saying goes. It certainly does not appear that we have many friends in the middle east these days. The reality is that we never have. This clash of cultures goes well beyond the founding of our nation, and our nation was not founded based upon the teachings of a pedophile moon worshiper.

There’s no love lost between myself and Islam. Too be sure, on at least a dozen occasions I have heard the screams of Allah Akbar accompanied by the waving of swords, AK 47‘s, and death. Which, believe it or not is unusual. Muslims seem to specialize in the killing of fellow Muslims.

In any case the time has come to once again become Ugly Americans. That following the lines of it being a good thing to be respected, but better to be feared.

Oh, and that stupid film? I don’t give a damn.

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