Stand Your Ground, Self Defense, Castle Doctrine, and Get Shot in the Back Laws.

The recent tragedy involving Trayvon Williams has sparked a new push by the forces of hoplophobia calling for repeal of what has become known as “Stand Your Ground” Laws. First, let us be clear about this. This was not a stand your ground situation, not at all. It was self defense, pure and simple. It also, despite the best efforts of race hustlers about race. It was about stopping having your head bashed into a sidewalk by an up and coming want to be thug. Could this whole thing have been handled differently? Of course, but that is not the issue being discussed in this post.

What have become known as Stand Your Ground Laws are hated by Trial Attorneys. They can’t turn around and sue people because said people didn’t allow themselves or their families to be shot, stabbed, or clubbed over the head from behind. They fought back against an assailant, these laws fight back against tyranny. They are not preemptive in most cases. There has to be a clear threat. If an attack is under way, then self defense law comes into effect.  Overzealous prosecutors with unbridled ambition have abused those laws countless times. Stand Your Ground Laws were passed in part, to thwart those that have some compelling need to one day have “The Honorable” attached to their names.

Closely related are The Castle Doctrine Laws that have been passed in most locals. While overall violent crime has dropped dramatically these past few decades home invasions have risen steadily. The Castle Doctrine allows you to defend your home without recourse by the forces of evil in the court system. Some states extend that right to your vehicle and campsite as well.

The hoplophobes would have you carried by six. I choose to be judged by twelve…


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