Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer is one hell of an author. His books on Islam are eye openers to be sure. Yes, I know that he is on my blog roll. Read his books.

Robert Bruce Spencer (born 1962) is an American writer on Islam. He has published seven books, including two bestsellers, on topics related to Islam and terrorism. He founded and currently directs the Jihad Watch and Dhimmi Watch websites that focus on Islamic terrorism-related events and various Jihad-activity worldwide.[1]


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  1. Steve Rosenbaum Says:

    You must also be a fan of Robert B. Parker. His main character is Spencer..with a C.


  2. donny2811 Says:

    For an interesting item on Spencer.

    Edited because of the links content. This person seems to be rather astute, and actually does condemn the acts of radical Islam. However, he also says many things that appear to be designed to anger others, as well as engage in distortion regarding both Mr. Spencer, as well as Pamela from Atlas Shrugged.


  3. donny2811 Says:


    My blog and efforts are pointing out radicalism in all its forms and I will be the first to agree with you in most respects to the above comments. Having said that, in fact, your comments have missed the point completely.

    The attrocities exist, most certainly. By political or radical Muslims – they certainly do. That the bulk of the Muslim world appears not to be doing anything openly about it – yes, but to a degree.

    At the same time there are other attrocities in the world and getting half the media and/or not as much condemnation is a point also worth making. Why is that?

    That there is a community out there that are not targetting those radicals, Muslims or not and equally is the point, that they are willing to denounce, demonize and attack an entire community for the actions of the radicals and political militants is the point.

    As for Muslims not doing anything, that is in fact incorrect. Even from my perspective, a Dutch national who travels to their countries, have muslim friends here and overseas and from my past representing a signficant muslim community in the city of Rotterdam I read, observe and take note. Since you say “were are the moderate Muslims?” I will answer that they are in fact on the tip of your nose but please take down the binoculars that you are using – because it shows close-up only those things that you want to see and nothing that is happening right there in front of you.

    Examples, almost all of the 56 muslim countries are at war with the collective terrorist entities, perhaps some have mixed success and other issues to deal with – but if they were as you said – they would all be allowing, accepting and supporting – they do not. Thus the moderates are waging war on them.

    The claim for Sharia Law by radicals falls on deaf ears and is ignored, both in the ballot box and at the points of power that is required for it to be the way they want – and they also reject it. Less than half of Muslim countries have Sharia legal systems, and of those less than half have a full-blown theocratically run Sharia legal system. Those others only a family court system that is subservient to a secular appeals court. You seem to have forgotten that, or simply lost in all the fear, anxiety or targetting, you missed it.

    Take this article about Indonesia, the government has constantly put down islamist insurgencies, rejected sharia and as shown here, again squashed attempts. Is that not an example of the “moderates” doing their job.

    I will agree that it is the moderate immigrant communities in the west that are to a degree sitting not standing up to the antics of the radicals and it that silence that is costing them dearly by making them the targets of the radicals, bigots and other agenda based interest groups. Some of them, will argue that they will not associate with them and they stay silent because simply put they are being targetted to often and some are scared and that the wider community is not supporting them or giving them a chance to speak out.

    But then again that is not always the case as well, there is another group. There is in many countries, such as the UK, Germany and in my country a huge Muslim community that integrated very well. You do not know them, know about them and that is “because” they integrated so well. You see some of them, three of them are junior ministers in the government. It does not mean they are less pious, most avoid going to radical mosques they tell me, because they hate them just as much as you do. The media and the agenda groups and blogers do not know about them and thus assume they do not exist. Others, those that do, ignore them and thus it comes out of context or by saying “they are ex-muslims”. At the same time the radicals refuse to accept they exist as well to do the same thing.

    Next time Patrick, I suggest you read my post instead of jumping to conclussions, you have assumed way to many things in your post that only tells us about yourself and not me or my posts. You will also see in my blog that I am not targetting anti-Islam, such as the item on Anjem Choudry, comments about the regime in Iran and so on. The bulk at present are on western anti-islam and self-proclaimed anti-jihadists for three very obvious reasons. One, they raise the accussations more on the net and thus get the bulk of the return, secondly I am from Rotterdam and I have to see this rubbish every day and I have enough respectable, well-integrated and patriotic Dutch friends and ex-constituents that I feel obliged to give them a helping hand and lastly the Wilders issue because if unchecked and not understood confuses the matter.


    Donn vdH


  4. Patrick Sperry Says:

    David, I read the entire page at your blog, and not just a single post. I also, do not “hate” as you stated above. I am also far from stupid enough not to recognize what amounts to propaganda. Not to mention that this is a very old post.

    Have a nice day.


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