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She is so psychologically dysfunctional that she even wants police officers listed on the gun owner registry.

January 16, 2016

Seriously, there are people in this world so warped in their thinking that they can compare those in the freedom and liberty movement to the lowest of perverts. Go here to read about this…

Should time permit I think that I will start a new page, and play out the stereotypes that are tossed around. Now, that would be an interesting play on the psychology that makes up those of The Tyranny of the Majority that is today’s curse of Political Correctness.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: A wake up call?

July 12, 2009

For several years I have posted on various forums, and blogs about the domestic violence law, and the abuse of that law. We were first informed of just how evil all men are, and were by Patricia Schroeder from Colorado. Men were / are Al Bundy’s at best and at worst, well, what ever could be dreamed up.

Then, as always, there have to be Supermen! They had to please, and be praised no matter the cost of dignity and honor. The two most famous have to be Frank Lautenberg, and Charles Schumer. Both men of power, and as ruthless in their search for praise and recognition as any gunfighter in a fiction movie about the “wild west.” Both men have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Yet, Lautenberg sneaked through a law that bans people from exercising rights that are defined as unalienable for less than felonious acts, and Schumer keeps blocking the funding so that rights could be restored. That’s bad enough, but the original act of treason, by Lautenberg, was to implement ex post facto law. For those that don’t know what that means, the short version is changing the rules after the game is played.

Here’s one example of how this has played out that I have personal knowledge of. Around 1957, at Von’s Market in Oceanside California, my stepfather and mother got into an argument. No hitting or anything, just some pretty loud yelling about whether they were going to buy Olympia beer, or Lucky Lager… A policeman happened to be in the store, and cited them both for disturbing the peace. Not really a big deal? Well, they both paid a ten dollar fine, and? Other than the Marine Corps dishing out a punitive tour at Adak, Alaska, all was well. Or so we thought…

Comes the year 2002, and mom wanted to go bird shooting with the grand-kids and some friends. She goes to the local store, and buys a shotgun, a regular old used Remington 870. But? The sale gets blocked. Based upon domestic violence (that wasn’t) from 1957! Years before the law was enacted! That friends, is how the domestic violence ban works. It is immoral, and goes beyond the Constitution all the way back to the Magna Carta, and The Rights of Englishmen. Remember those? Those little things that led to the “shot that was heard around the world?”

Now folks, I’m just a dumb old retired Paramedic but even I was able to see just how these laws were applied in a sexist manner. Not to mention in an un-Constitutional manner on a day to day basis. Now it seems that after all these years a few other folks have figured out what I have been talking my head off about for years.

$4 billion abuse industry rooted in deceptions and lies

By Carey Roberts
web posted July 6, 2009

Erin Pizzey is a genial woman with snow-white hair, cherubic cheeks, and an easy smile. It wasn’t always that way. The daughter of an English diplomat, she founded the world’s first shelter for battered women in 1971. To her surprise, she discovered that most of the women in her shelter were as violent as the men they had left.

When Pizzey wrote a book revealing this sordid truth, she encountered a firestorm of protest. “Abusive telephone calls to my home, death threats, and bomb scares, became a way of living for me and for my family. Finally, the bomb squad asked me to have all my mail delivered to their head quarters,” she would later reveal.

According a recent report, the domestic violence industry continues to engage in information control tactics, spewing a dizzying series of half-truths, white lies, and outright  prevarications. The report, “Fifty Domestic Violence Myths,” is published by RADAR, Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting:

How often have you heard the mantra-like claim, “domestic violence is all about power and control”? That’s code for the feminist dogma that domestic violence is rooted in men’s insatiable need to dominate and oppress the women in their lives.

And the obvious solution to partner abuse? Eliminate the patriarchy!

I know it all sounds far-fetched, but that’s what the gender ideologues who get their funding from the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) believe. And no surprise these programs have been an abject failure. As Dr. Angela Parmley of the Department of Justice once admitted, “We have no evidence to date that VAWA has led to a decrease in the overall levels of violence against women.”

Once you blame the whole problem of partner abuse on patriarchal dominance, the women who proudly call themselves the “VAWA Mafia” find themselves compelled to dress up the fable with a series of corollary myths.

Here are some examples: When a woman attacks her boyfriend, claim she was only acting in self-defense. Shrug off her assault with the “He had it coming” line. Aver her short stature prevents her from ever hurting her man. Or assert she grew up in an abusive household, as if that somehow lets her off the hook.

Above all, the ideologues will never admit that partner violence is more common among lesbians than heterosexual couples. Just consider the case of Jessica Kalish, the 56-year-old Florida woman who was stabbed 222 times last October with a Phillips screwdriver wielded by ex-girlfriend Carol Anne Burger. But no one dared call it “domestic violence.”

Once you begin to play tricks with the truth, you need to invent ever grander prevarications.  So sit back and get ready for a good chuckle, because there’s not a shred of truth to any of these claims regularly put forth by the domestic abuse industry:

1. A marriage license is a hitting license. (Truth is, an intact marriage is the safest place for men and women alike.)

2. Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women. (The leading causes of female injury are unintentional falls, motor vehicle accidents, and over-exertion. Domestic violence is not even on the list.)

3. The March of Dimes reports that battering is the leading cause of birth defects. (The March of Dimes has never done such a study.)

4. Women never make false allegations of domestic violence. (That’s the biggest whopper  of all.)

5. Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day of the year for violence against women. (Will the abuse industry never tire of its demagoguery?)

These are just five of the 50 domestic violence myths documented in the RADAR report.  As former Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan once deadpanned, “You’re entitled to your own opinions; you’re not entitled to your own facts.” Hopefully the $4 billion partner abuse industry will begin to pay attention. ESR

Carey Roberts is a Staff Writer for The New Media Alliance. The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.


Turkey Hunting: Making a Wing Bone Call

February 18, 2009

Making a Wing Bone call

While yakking away with Neil about my addiction, and therapy for it, I mentioned using a wing bone call. This lead to him asking where he could get one, and my response was “Just make it.” He asked how, I briefly explained the procedure, and he asked me to write a piece about it for Hunters central. So, here we go; I will also provide a link or two on the subject at the end by people that are much better writers than I am. I will also provide a little background that may or may not be of interest, or help in this little project.

Wing bone calls are a part of American History. Some people can call Wild Turkey’s using only their mouth. Most of us need a little assistance though, and so it has been for centuries. Native Americans were the first to use wing bone calls, and our forefathers were quick to learn about them. They passed on the knowledge of their construction, and I have been told that the skill is still taught across the Appalachian region. I first learned how to build this type of call from a retired Marine that had been raised in the back woods where as often as not; a successful hunt was the difference between eating well or not at all.

Like most new Turkey hunters I was not very good at getting a bird. The better hunting areas were also restricted by license “Draw” that most often did, and still do require several years accumulation of preference points. I was talking about this one day at the now defunct Al’s Sporting Goods in Arvada Colorado. Jeff, the old Marine that became my mentor asked a very good question of me; “Why don’t you put all that whine into a bone? You might even get close enough to get a bird if you do.” I looked at him like the idiot tyro that I was, and things went from there.

First, I needed the wing bone from an older Wild Turkey hen. Second, those previously mentioned hard to get licenses are very easy to get for the fall season, and, you can shoot hens as well as toms. I combined my deer season with a fall turkey hunt and the solution was at hand.

Domestic Turkey’s bones are too thin for making the best calls from, but I learned a work around for that problem which I will cover later.

I cook the bird first myself. Others say that is a “no no” so I am of a mind that it probably does not matter. What does matter is not cracking or crunching the wing bones!

I separate the wing from the carcass, and remove the very tip. Then remove all the meat from the remaining three bones. The technical names are Radius, Ulna, and Humerus but if you don’t have a background in Physiology or Medicine you can simplify them as big, middle, and small. Use a fine toothed small craft type saw and cut off the large ends of the bones. Then place them in a pot of water, to which I add a drop or two of dish soap, and also a few drops of chlorine bleach. That will soften the marrow in the center of the bones, as well as stabilize the colorization. Bring the water to a boil and simmer the bones for a short time. About ten to fifteen minutes seems to work, but don’t toss the water just yet. You might need additional baths for he bones. Remove the bones, and rinse them in clear water. Then, use a small wire or flexible piece of plastic to push out the bone morrow. An old ball point pens inner plastic tube seems to work well, just make sure that the ink is completely flushed. I have seen others recommend small pistol or rifle brushes for this task but all that has ever happened when I tried them was cracking the bones, rendering them useless. Repeat as needed to remove all traces of bone morrow.

Now, after drying the bones fit them together; the big bone to the middle bone, to the small bone. Some fine sand paper or crocus cloth will help to accomplish this. Don’t force the issue just sand the ends for a smooth fit. About a half an inch insertion is about right. Find the best position for you by turning the bones in your hand until you get a fit that feels right for you. Once you have located that, then use epoxy, JB Weld, or a similar product to glue the bones together. Let that set, and you are ready to go. I improve the joint strength by wrapping the joints with thread like you would a fishing rod guide, and coating them with lacquer or fly tying glue. I have also seen some that were supported with shrink tubing.

If using a domestic turkey’s bones follow the above instructions and after fitting coat the exterior of the bones with clear lacquer. A single coat seems to work although I have used as many as three coats before.

No two calls sound exactly alike, and that is a good thing when you are hunting birds that are well educated when it comes to staying alive in hard hunted areas.

To use a Wing Bone Yelper place it in your hand, cupping the call, then make a kissing or smacking noise over the end. It does take a bit of practice and you should try different positions in order to find out the best combination of kissing sucking angles and so on. Basically a yelper call, using bones from young and old birds, as well as from both Toms and Hens can have different results that can be a great boon in different hunting or photography situations. I once “froze” a Mountain Lion while Turkey hunting long enough to get a once in a lifetime picture using a Wing Bone Call made from two different Jake’s.

Patrick Sperry © 2009

Permission granted for not for profit, educational or brief review purposes.

Additional online related resources:

Two New Ayn Rand Resources

April 2, 2008

The Ayn Rand Institute recently has launched two new web pages devoted to Ayn Rand and her work. includes various essays about the novel and its history, several hours of video by Onkar Ghate featuring a “chapter-by-chapter discussion,” and audio recordings by Ayn Rand and others. reproduces in full the book by Marry Ann and Charles Sures. For me, the highlight of the web page is a collection of audio recordings by Mary Ann Sures, Leonard Peikoff, and others. So far I’ve listened to only a couple of the recordings, but they are delightful and fascinating.

These two new resources join the Ayn Rand Lexicon, which makes available extensive quotes from Rand’s many works, organized topically.




February 3, 2008

Those that have read this blog and other forums that I have participated in over the years know that I am an unabashed free marketer. How did I get that way? By education that is how. Two college courses in particular had a tremendous impact on me. If you have the time, and enthusiam, read these texts in order to gain a solid foundation in economic theory.

Karl E. Case

Category:  Economics – MacroeconomicsBusiness & Economics
ISBN: 9780130957337
ISBN10: 013095733X
Published: Prentice Hall
Publish Date: 1998-06-01
Edition: 5 Illustrated
Pages: 595
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 0.93 L x 8.56 W x 10.01 H
Weight: 2.99 lbs

Principles of Microeconomics, 4/e

John E. Sayre, Western Washington University
Alan J. Morris, Capilano College


ISBN: 0070914591
Copyright year: 2004

Reliance of the traveler

February 3, 2008

Want the living daylights scared out of you..? Read this classic book on the “Religion of Peace.”

Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law

by Keller, Nuh Ha MIM (Translated by)

This is a classic manual of fiqh rulings based on Shafi”i School of jurisprudence and includes original Arabic texts and translations from classic works of prominent Muslim scholars such as al Ghazali, al Nawawi, al Qurtubi, al Dhahabi and others. It is an indispensable reference for every Muslim or student of Islam who needs to research on Islamic rulings on daily Muslim life.

Source with publisher information:

Robert Spencer

February 3, 2008

Robert Spencer is one hell of an author. His books on Islam are eye openers to be sure. Yes, I know that he is on my blog roll. Read his books.

Robert Bruce Spencer (born 1962) is an American writer on Islam. He has published seven books, including two bestsellers, on topics related to Islam and terrorism. He founded and currently directs the Jihad Watch and Dhimmi Watch websites that focus on Islamic terrorism-related events and various Jihad-activity worldwide.[1]


Gunney Bob prolific writer as well as a great radio host.

February 3, 2008


Gunny Bob is one hell of a great writer. If you aree an avid outdoorsd person like I am his books are required reading. In fact, my very former girl friend called him a “damned enabler of fishing addiction!” His book on fishing structure is probably the best that has ever been written, period.

Be sure to listen to him on 850KOA radio in the evenings.

Ayn Rand Reading

February 3, 2008

Perhaps no other person that lived during the most recent century has had more social impact than Ayn Rand. Her writings changed the way that people looked at everything from politics to philosophy.

Ayn Rand (IPA: /ˈaɪn ˈrænd/, February 2 [O.S. January 20] 1905March 6, 1982), born Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum (Russian: Алиса Зиновьевна Розенбаум), was a Russian-born American novelist and philosopher.[1] She is widely known for her best-selling novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, and for developing a philosophical system she called Objectivism.

She was an uncompromising advocate of rational individualism and laissez-faire capitalism, and vociferously opposed socialism, altruism, and other contemporary philosophical trends, as well as religion. Her influential and often controversial ideas have attracted both enthusiastic admirers and scathing denunciation.


Some other Ayn Rand resources.

First entry for “Books”

February 3, 2008

The very first entry is about a classic series of American literature.

The Foxfire books are a series of anthologies of articles from Foxfire magazine. The first book of the series was published in 1972. As of 2004, the most recent is Foxfire 12; also as of that date, there are nearly nine million copies of the various books in print.

The series is an effort to document the lifestyle, culture, and skills of people in southern Appalachia in a mixture of how-to information and first-person narratives and oral history. Topics covered in the books include apple butter, banjos, basket weaving, beekeeping, butter churning, corn shucking, dulcimers, faith healing, fiddle making, haints, ginseng cultivation, hide tanning, hog dressing, hunting tales, log cabin building, moonshining, midwives, old-time burial customs, planting “by the signs”, preserving foods, sassafras tea, snake handling and lore, soap making, spinning, square dancing, wagon making, weaving, wild food gathering, witches, and wood carving.

Eight of the first nine of the books were edited by Eliot Wigginton, a high school teacher at the Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School, who set up the Foxfire Fund, based on articles his students had written that were previously published in magazine form. The magazine was named after foxfire, the bioluminescent fungi sometimes seen in a forest. The magazine was founded in 1966 by Wigginton, who was awarded a MacArthur Foundation fellowship in 1989.

Though conceived primarily as a sociological work, the books, particularly the early ones, were a commercial success as instructional works. Members of the back-to-the-land movement used them as a blueprint for their attempts to return to a life of simplicity. The publication is an imprint of Random House and has become a project of Rabun County, Georgia High School.

[edit] List of the books

Related books include:

  • Memories of a Mountain Shortline, 1976, Foxfire Press; 2001
  • Aunt Arie: A Foxfire Portrait, 1983, Dutton. ISBN 0-525-93292-5
  • The Foxfire Book of Appalachian Cookery, 1984; 1992, University of North Carolina Press. ISBN 0-8078-4395-4
  • The Foxfire Book of Appalachian Toys & Games, 1985; 1993, University of North Carolina Press. ISBN 0-8078-4425-X
  • A Foxfire Christmas, 1996, University of North Carolina Press. ISBN 0-8078-4618-X
  • Teaching by Heart: The Foxfire Interviews, 2004, Teacher’s College Press. ISBN 0-8077-4539-1 (hardbound), ISBN 0-8077-4538-3 (paperback)
  • Foxfire’s Book of Wood Stove Cookery 2006


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