A Day at the Range … cont.

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Diane’s new rifle: She is sixteen years old and recently took the Hunter Safety Course after deciding that if all the boys were out hunting that is where she wanted to be. After all, she makes a habit of showing up the boys at their own game. Her mother thinks it is more like “she wants to be around the boys…” In any case I passed some pleasantries with her mother while everyone was getting set up. I learned that Diane’s father had been killed in an accident when she was twelve, and that her mother worked as a waitress. That she had looked for an inexpensive rifle for her daughter, and that a friend had given Diane an old scope for her new rifle. It was a Burris 3 X 9, and appeared to still be in very good condition. I personally know those scopes to be among the best that are made, anywhere, at any price. Her rifle? It was a Mossberg ATR 100 chambered in 270 Winchester. Her ammunition was Remington Core-Lokt 130 grain. This, friends, is a hunting set up on the cheap. Other than the scope this is, well, to be honest, a Wal-Mart set up front to rear. Thank God these folks have friends… Jim’s Grandfather (see above story) offered to give it a once over, and they took the offer. He swabbed out the barrel removing a lot of shipping / storage gunk, and cleaned off the bolt, a tiny squirt of Rem Oil down the trigger group, and she was ready to go! Folks, after what I went through with an early production 835 I am not a big Mossberg fan, to say the least! So, what happened went Diane got to shooting? I had yet another experience in crow pie eating. I am beginning to think that I am an expert of such fare… Diane shot five strings of three rounds each. Results? The last two strings were both on the eight, and roughly three quarters of an inch… This entire set up cost less than three hundred dollars. Go figure! I have to believe that with more practice and refinement Diane will, in fact, be showing up most of the boys!

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2 Responses to “A Day at the Range … cont.”

  1. Neil or bear Says:

    While I don’t know which to be suprized at more,the setup,or the girl’s shooting! Just goes to show how much rifles/ammo have improved over the years. That kind of shooting is awesome for a seasoned shooter-much less a beginner.

  2. patricksperry Says:

    My very thoughts Bro, my very thoughts.

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