October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The forces of misandry have spread their doctrine of hatred like a metastatic cancer. Thoroughly trouncing the Constitution in the process. Nearly every day we hear about “abuses” at Gitmo. But, I ask, what about those same things that have been going on right here in America for years? How is it that the American people have stood by while these forces of hatred have imposed de facto sexist ex post facto law? This immoral law has been used as a stepping stone toward passing other laws that restrict, or deny rights to people based upon such trivial things as not paying parking tickets. Hence the need to once again post about this deadly threat to the American way of life.

A report put out by RADAR (Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting) entitled “An Epidemic of Civil Rights Abuses: Ranking of States’ Domestic Violence Laws” ranks New Jersey’s domestic violence statute as one of the laws “most likely to violate the civil rights of persons accused of domestic violence.” Nevertheless, New Jersey’s statute is not an anomaly, as a review of the report and another RADAR report, “Perverse Incentives, False Allegations, and Forgotten Children“, reveals. Political scientist Stephen Baskerville’s online report “Family Violence in America: The Truth about Domestic Violence and Child Abuse” makes it clear that false allegations of domestic violence and the legal system that rewards them is not only a national problem, but an international one as well. His book, Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family, confirms this. Just released by Cumberland House, it cites as an example of the national problem a shocking statistic put out by the Department of Justice: “a restraining order is issued every two minutes in Massachusetts.”

Big Media probably won’t report on the problem anytime soon. It’s therefore up to bloggers, podcasters, and You Tubers to expose the due process fiasco that media silence has allowed to persist.

Read the full story here: Gitmo at Home

While that article deals primarily with New Jersey virtually every state as a mirror system that specializes in the destruction of lives based upon political correctness and misandry. Not to mention prosecutors that care little for what is right or wrong. Indeed, they only care about getting another feather for their war bonnet.

Domestic violence is a real problem. The taking of civil rights for less than felonious behavior by omnipotent government agencies is a tragedy( If not outright treason.). If these people are so evil, then why were they not tried as felons? Why turn Anglo American law on it’s head by allowing for the rules and penalties to be changed after the fact. Why allow felons to be allowed to have their rights restored, but not misdemeanor or even people convicted of infractions? This situation is about hate, power, and political correctness. Not about wife beating or any of the other red herrings that get infused into the issue.

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6 Responses to “October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month”

  1. ngoldfarb Says:

    facts, just facts, only facts should really scare you


  2. dummidumbwit Says:

    The end of Civilization occurred when Ronald Reagan let Ralph Reed the Theocratic Fascist out of the box, and implied that he had anything to say that wouldn’t be shouted down by true Americans everywhere!!!

  3. TexasFred Says:

    I found out that there are over 20K battered women in Texas…









    All these years I’ve been eating mine *plain*… 😛

  4. Dean Tong Says:

    We have no real statistics on the numbers of false DV reports/investigations. The Department of Justice (DOJ) doesn’t compile and release a “50 state survey of same as does the National Center on Child Abuse & Neglect (NCCAN).” I would encourage the next President to compel the DOJ to do so.

    Dean Tong

  5. dummidumbwit Says:


  6. patricksperry Says:

    True enough Dean. When I started Men’s Rights Colorado it was virtually impossible to get good data. Our own people’s experience would not really count because they were “tainted.”

    I found it pretty interesting though, that of more than seventeen thousand members, nearly half were women that were fed up with the system.

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