2009, a look to the future

As I wandered around the Internet today I found a common theme on a lot of forums, blogs, and personal websites.

What will 2009 bring to us ordinary, and not so ordinary people here in America, and across the world. Here is my list; I really hope that some of these things don’t happen, but, that does not change my thinking that they very well might.

  1. America will continue in becoming balkanized. The ground work for an actual secession of many states, or an actual revolution is being laid as I type this.
  2. Israel will attack Iran after Iran delivers a devastating blow to Israel. Much of the world will be drawn into the conflict, and it will go nuclear.
  3. The American economy will go into an actual depression, as defined by economics. The trickle down effect will have terrible consequences for the rest of the world. See #1 above.
  4. The Bill of Rights will be gutted, and shaped to fit those that have come into power. Call them what you want; NWO, Elitist’s, it really will not matter.
  5. The issue of illegal immigration will be settled. By the issue of Gun Control.
  6. The issue of “Gay Rights” will be settled. Again, by the issue of Gun Control.
  7. The issue of Private Property Rights will be settled, not by the cowards in the Supreme Court. Again, by the issue of Gun Control.
  8. Education will fall by the wayside in human priorities. It will be food, or can Johnny learn to be a good socialist.
  9. The people of the world will return to a precious metal standard for monetary purposes. Because the mints print worthless currency.
  10. Irish Whiskey will regain it’s position of supremacy as the finest gift from heaven to man. Our Scot cousins will still be allowed in our homes though. After all, family, is family.

Please note that nearly all of these relate directly to number one. I fear for the future of these United States of America.

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3 Responses to “2009, a look to the future”

  1. TexasFred Says:

    And some folks thought MY predictions were *gloom and doom*?? 😕


  2. dsgawrsh Says:

    I just came over from doing my own predictions at my blog. We have several similarities although I didn’t mention the secession idea because I think it might take until 2010 for true Americans to get angry enough. Many will claim that bloggers like you and me and Texas Fred are gloom and doom, but I really don’t see much light on the horizon. With 76% supporting Obama already – we’re screwed. It just may take people grabbing their guns to save the Republic. Today on the radio people were talking about a tax revolt (not paying them) but the radio commentator didn’t think Americans would get on board because they didn’t trust each other that everyone would carry through. We need to change that.


  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Well DG? I said the ground work, not the actual action.
    Now, think about this…

    Obama, and his followers? They hate guns. They will use various ways to disarm everyone. Thought, food, weapons, it is all the same in a strategic sense.

    Why, or how? It is power. They hunger for power.

    I fear, that our Republic, is doomed.

    So then, where do Americans, without hyphens go ..?

    Too the places that free men and women have always gone…


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