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Reccomended Reading for those that need knowledge about freedom

March 24, 2013

Having had several requests for information on subjects that relate to freedom and liberty in an age of government domination, lack of respect for the laws and traditions of our nation, and utter disrespect for what made this nation great I have assembled a reading list. It covers the basics of the requested information, and I highly suggest that these titles be secured as soon as one can acquire them. My friends in Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain, Ireland, and many other places are out of luck though. They are banned for the most part.

Content deleted due to being most thoroughly not politically correct!

Wary, but prepared?

November 8, 2009

I am seriously thinking about beginning an entirely new series here at Conservative Libertarian Outpost. Nothing that really would be new in the realm of knowledge, but, things that a lot of decent people just don’t have knowledge of. Important things, that might save your life, or those of your loved ones. Not to mention your community, your State, and, possibly, your nation.

I may need a little assistance in doing this. I mean, after all, this blog is more than a month old, to say the least. At a whopping two pages I am thinking that a new page, or, possibly, a new blog might be a better method. I am thinking of calling it “Militia Central.” A gathering point for knowledge, and beliefs that go beyond the normal spectrum. If you would like to participate in this venture leave a comment. If you think that it is a bad idea leave a comment also.

If you are of a crack head stoned out emotional adolescent mentality don’t bother applying. Same goes for supposed servants of the people that forswear their oaths.

If this becomes a go my first post may very well be about dispersed leadership, and how to address the attacks on “centers of gravity.” Then again  it might be about domestic terrorist’s that pretend to be Americans. The Brady Bunch, SLPC, BATFE and so on.

What say you my readers?

Mack Daddy’s fan club…

August 7, 2009

So many times people on the web are branded racist’s, or misogynist, or whatever because of political correctness by those that are ruled by their politics rather than any sort of rational logic.

Never mind that they speak the words that so many are afraid to say. Tracy at No Compromise, Texas Fred, and Romantic Poet come to mind, not to mention Pamela at Atlas shrugs, and Anthony at The Liberty Sphere.

What these good people attempt to communicate is not a thing of hatred, as they are so often portrayed to be doing. But one of love; for this nation, it’s traditions, and yes, it’s people.

Guess what? They are not alone, and not all of their supporters are white. Today while surfing around the web I came across an allied site and one heck of an inspirational speaker, and no, he is not at all white.

Check out this man here.

They just don’t get it, as usual…

June 14, 2009

“Some say Holocaust Memorial shooting signals a broader war.”

That’s the headline, and a more disingenuous article I may never have read before. It’s all about racism… It’s all about feeling displaced as power brokers, and it’s all about hating Israel and the Jewish people, further it’s all about taking guns away from people. That’s a summery of what the article says.

Of course logic tells us that simply cannot be true. There may be a combination of those factors that tend to set off a few unstable individuals. However, just like the DHS study that is noted in the story, and was reported on here, it lumps all sorts of people into the same profile.

Let’s go after the main points:

Racism; The article says that many whites are upset with things like affirmative action. Well, that’s racism, and or sexism period. Figure it out…

Illegal Immigration: This ties in with racism, and the so called fear of rising minority populations according to the article. Sorry folks, but it’s about obeying the rule of law and has nothing to do with race whatsoever.

Minority  Crime: Again, this ties in with the above issues. People, especially Blacks and Latinos, and a growing situation with Asians, suffer at the hands of criminals from minority groups at an alarming rate. So this is a “white” issue! Again, it’s not about race, it’s about crime and the rule of law, and that doesn’t matter one iota what color you skin is, or where your ancestors came from.

White Supremacy Groups, a.k.a  Nazi’s: If these groups are in fact growing it would be news to most conservative and libertarian types. As a group, we simply have no known dealings with people like that. The article lumps a lot of people of differing backgrounds with different morals and values together, and that in itself, is immoral. I suppose that Pam at Atlas Shrugged will be surprised that she hates Israel…

Multiculturalism: This failed ethical theory has been being shoved down peoples throats for quite some time now. It’s fine and dandy to be proud of ones heritage. Having said that, it’s not fine to shove that down other peoples throats. There is no room in America for hyphens, you are an American period. You may see yourself as I do as an American of Irish decent, and that’s fine. But to call yourself an “Irish American” disavows all that is America. For those that were not so lucky to be from Irish stock? Well, just insert the name of your own heritage in place of Irish. Further, Multiculturalism requires that none judge another person or peoples  background or morals. That folk’s is just plain wrong. I need not give any support to groups that still practice slavery, such as Islam for example. Nor, again using Islam as an example, need I support killing other people because they refuse to submit to my religion or political persuasion. Further, this failed theory finds that reparations for the actions of people that died centuries ago are appropriate. Nope, try applying a real ethical methodology to that, and it comes up pretty short. Let’s address it that way here.  Can this be understood by the common man? Answer; no, the common person cannot understand or agree with being held responsible for something that he had no part in doing. Therefore, this could never become universal law, and so fails the test of ethical reasoning.

Gun Control (Really weapon control.): The article treats this as an also ran, that people are worried about because of the current administrations position. Those people are, once again, concerned about law, as in the Constitution and more importantly, the Bill of Rights. The authors seem to be fearful that all gun owners are lunatics and are ready to overthrow the government. Which brings us too…

If the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are of such inconsequential value, then why even continue to have a United States of America? Answer, because all the people that the article points to as threats, other than the noted racist’s and insane types, are in fact Americans that love the United States of America, with all it’s warts, and believe that this kind of nation offers the best hope for freedom and liberty for all people now, and forever.

God Bless America, and those that love her!

An Obama assessment

March 8, 2009

An Obama assessment requires us to think broadly. Indeed, tactical, operational, and at the strategic level. The tactical we have seen through the election process, and the operational unfolds before us within the so-called “stimulus” boondoggle that is little more than payback for key sponsors of the tactical portion of the over all strategy. The election in plain language. The  operational focus needs some clarification in order to be fully understood, and I stumbled across another blog that explains it all in a manner that makes the impossible understandable.This involves virtually everything from class politics, to gun control, and beyond.

Three cheers for a job well done at Romantic Poet!

It is a rather extensive post, and well worth the time needed to read it.

2009, a look to the future

January 1, 2009

As I wandered around the Internet today I found a common theme on a lot of forums, blogs, and personal websites.

What will 2009 bring to us ordinary, and not so ordinary people here in America, and across the world. Here is my list; I really hope that some of these things don’t happen, but, that does not change my thinking that they very well might.

  1. America will continue in becoming balkanized. The ground work for an actual secession of many states, or an actual revolution is being laid as I type this.
  2. Israel will attack Iran after Iran delivers a devastating blow to Israel. Much of the world will be drawn into the conflict, and it will go nuclear.
  3. The American economy will go into an actual depression, as defined by economics. The trickle down effect will have terrible consequences for the rest of the world. See #1 above.
  4. The Bill of Rights will be gutted, and shaped to fit those that have come into power. Call them what you want; NWO, Elitist’s, it really will not matter.
  5. The issue of illegal immigration will be settled. By the issue of Gun Control.
  6. The issue of “Gay Rights” will be settled. Again, by the issue of Gun Control.
  7. The issue of Private Property Rights will be settled, not by the cowards in the Supreme Court. Again, by the issue of Gun Control.
  8. Education will fall by the wayside in human priorities. It will be food, or can Johnny learn to be a good socialist.
  9. The people of the world will return to a precious metal standard for monetary purposes. Because the mints print worthless currency.
  10. Irish Whiskey will regain it’s position of supremacy as the finest gift from heaven to man. Our Scot cousins will still be allowed in our homes though. After all, family, is family.

Please note that nearly all of these relate directly to number one. I fear for the future of these United States of America.

Army seizes power in Mauritania

August 7, 2008

With all that has been going on as of late I took special notice of recent activity in Africa, and, as usual, my good friend Texas Fred beat me to posting about it, as well as possible ramifications for those of us here in these not so United States.

stolen from: Texas Fred

The coup in Africa’s newest oil producer took place after the president and prime minister fired the country’s top four military officials, reportedly for supporting lawmakers who had accused the president of corruption and disagreed with how he was reaching out to Islamic hard-liners.

A brief announcement read over state television Wednesday said the new “state council” will be led by presidential guard chief Gen. Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, one of the four fired generals. The statement also restored the jobs of the other three generals.

President Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi was being held by renegade soldiers at the presidential palace in Nouakchott, according to presidential spokesman Abdoulaye Mamadouba. Soldiers also detained Prime Minister Yahya Ould Ahmed Waqef, he said.

State radio and television went off air as the coup began and witnesses said soldiers were deployed throughout the capital. No violence was reported.

Full Story Here:
Army seizes power in Mauritania

NOUAKCHOTT, Mauritania – Army officers upset with government overtures toward Islamic hard-liners staged a coup in Mauritania on Wednesday, overthrowing the first government to be freely elected in this sprawling desert nation in more than 20 years.

Pay close attention to the *reasons* behind this coup, government corruption and reaching out to Islamic hard-liners.

Corruption in the government?? Reaching out to, and generally submitting to Islamic *hard-liners?? Ignoring the safety and well being of the American people as ILLEGAL incursions, ie: armed invasion by Mexican army troops is allowed to happen on numerous occasions? Border patrol agent held at gunpoint

Does anyone besides me see the strong possibility that the USA could very well be headed in the same direction? Does anyone here today think that our own government isn’t guilty of the very same things?

Our Congress is out of control, and is run by a woman that is the most liberal thing to ever take the helm of the House of Representatives. Our Senate is being destroyed by the Dems, and the Dem LITE, ie: the former Republican party. Our President would support immediate amnesty for nearly 20 million ILLEGAL invaders if allowed, all the while allowing our southern border to be over-run.

Our own government has fallen to never before seen levels of disapproval, our President has an unbelievable level of disapproval, our financial markets are a day to day shamble, tremendous losses and reasonable gains, followed by more losses. We don’t have money, we have credit. We are owned by nations not our own.

There is a stage being set, right now, that is ripe for this very action to take place here in the USA. All the causes and reasons are in place, and where is our President today? In Beijing for the opening of the Olympic Games.

So, I guess what we have is this: Nero fiddled while Rome burned

Revolutionaries and Separatist Vol.1

May 26, 2008

This will probably be an ongoing theme in the coming months. It will cover home grown organizations that are dedicated to the destruction of the United States of America. Most are racist in nature, but claim that only Caucasians can be racist.

First, for no particular reason, is La Voz de Aztlan. Simply check out their official website and it becomes quite clear that these people are hell bent on destruction. They are not Klansmen, but sure do sound a lot like them and the Nazi’s when it comes to those of the Jewish faith or background. They are also way up there when it comes to conspiracy theories. Then, their plans for a new nation should be a wake up call for anyone that breathes or calls the western United States home.This page deserves special attention.

Don’t worry folks, it doesn’t end there. These people are just plain dangerous.

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