Can’t ban guns? Okay, just ban the ammunition!

My usual Friday project for this week was going to be addressing the latest control scheme by those that don’t have anything better to do than infringe upon the rights of others. However, someone beat me to it, and in a much better manner than my poor writing skills allow for.

Read it here

Be sure to also read the comments!

So, what can I add to the discussion? Not a heck of a lot, but I can drop a few ideas!

  • Small business plans are fairly simple to write. This ban could make more people more money than Nigerian Internet scams!
  • Making otherwise law abiding people into criminals will have them going into the underground economy and learning from the professionals that already operate there. Like drug dealers and manufacturers. So, from simple ammunition manufacturing ( like marijuana) one can easily get to the next (transition) step up the criminal ladder. Illegal weapons, such as crew served weapons, RPG’s and so on. (Like cocaine and heroin.)
  • The immense profits will lead to territorial conflicts. An entire new version of gang warfare and violence will lead to a new war. A war on guns/ammo that will make the war on drugs look like a 1960’s love in. Think about the product being sold. Drugs most often kill as a secondary effect, while an RPG kills through primary effect.
  • As the violence rises, so will the profits as more and more people seek the ability to properly and effectively defend themselves and families. The market then starts all over again, and the business plan adjusts to the new cycle as new recruits join the ranks of the criminal world.
  • Government will respond with increased enforcement, and more people will get killed, sometimes based upon incorrect information. Or simply because of the nature of this new class of law breaking.

The path to hell is paved with bricks made from good intentions. Making decent people that simply want to exercise their natural right to defend oneself and family into criminals is in and of itself criminal. Those that seek to pass such laws are the true criminals and should be resisted by any and all that are capable of thinking rationally and logically.

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4 Responses to “Can’t ban guns? Okay, just ban the ammunition!”

  1. No Compromise Says:

    Well, the marxist march by the jack booted thugs are back aren’t they?! We had to beat them back during the clintonista era and this era is no different! Plz keep us all informed on what needs to be done and I will post the info.

  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Will do Tracy. 😀

  3. tonydowning Says:

    Excellent points, Pat. Given that these laws take guns out of the hands of the law-abiding, so that the criminals have no competition, it could be said that “guns don’t kill, liberals do!”

  4. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Well darn Tony! I thought that you would say good job on the econ/social theory! 😀

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