MS-13 gang taken down in Denver

We knew that they were around, here is what we did about it.

20 MS-13 gang members, their associates and drug suppliers have been charged in two indictments with drug crimes.

Undercover agents say the MS-13 gang sent members to Denver to start up drug operations here because they felt law enforcement was soft. They were wrong. An investigation led by the Metro Drug Task Force has resulted in two indictments and numerous arrests that have put a sizeable dent into the gang’s operation.  8 arrests were made. 7 suspects were taken into custody in Denver and one in Los Anegles where the MS-13 gang was started. Other defendants are already being prosecuted for other crimes or are behind bars. 4 are still at-large.  In the course of the arrests, officiers and agents seized 10 pounds of meth, 2.3 kilograms of cocaine, 1.24 grams of heroin, 12 firearms and more than $3,000 in cash.

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5 Responses to “MS-13 gang taken down in Denver”

  1. TexasFred Says:

    One group of MS-13 assholes down, countless more to go…

    I addressed the MS-13 problem and how they manipulate the actions OF MS-13 and the like in an effort to subjugate the true intent of the 2A and ALL legal gun owning American CITIZENS!


  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Fred, I just watched ABC news, and you guessed it. Americans are to blame for Mexico’s problems with guns, drugs, and violence…

    Yeah right! Blame decent people for the actions of criminals…


  3. tonydowning Says:

    I’m glad at least some of this scum is gonna get it. I wouldn’t be suprised if the Rockies in general are now on gang agendas. (That’s why I had Joe Downing and Patty end up in SLC.)


  4. Patrick Sperry Says:

    I wondered about that Tony. Yes, it does appear that the various gangs are using the Rocky Mountain west as a staging area, if not really all that much for actual operations.


  5. karen Says:

    keep up w the arrests…….good job. Get them all!


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