Things that go boom in the night: Nuclear North Korea

Growing up in Oceanside and being a Marine Corps brat I can remember the Cold War only too well. I remember being taught about spent munitions and more importantly what not to do if you happened to come across, say, a mortar round that failed to detonate. If Merry reads this I’m sure she too will remember the class. We did not however, do the celebrated “duck and cover” drills. They would, after all, be useless if indeed we were hit with nuclear weapons.

At North Terrace Elementary School, we had more immediate problems to worry about. We had, as do most schools, bully’s. How to deal with a bully was a lesson that most of us learned the hard way. In a nutshell though, the solution was to place a fist deeply and squarely in the bully’s face prior to him gaining some advantage over you. This is called a preemptive defense, and generally was good for at least a swat from Mister Trainer (sp?), the Principle. A sore butt was well worth having the bully off your back seemingly forever. Perhaps that was my introduction to political economics? The point though, is that it worked.

What does this schoolyard scenario have to do with North Korea? The analogy should be easy to define. North Korea is a bully nation. North Korea is also now a bully that has a big stick called nuclear weaponry. The United Nations is much like the teachers that used to insist that you “talk things out” with the schoolyard bully’s. Talking things over with North Korea only embolden ‘s them, just like it would embolden the bully in the schoolyard. Not to mention that this bully has a few friends called China,Β  Iran and Syria. Not real friends of course. They just want a big stick also, or, in China’s case it’s more like an errant cousin that you’re stuck with defending even when you know that the cousin is an insane jerk.

Preemptive defense got a bum rap when George Bush sent the United States into an unneeded war with Iraq that we are still entangled with. That however, is not a problem with the doctrine. It is the result of some very poor judgment on the part of the powers that be at the time it was used. That very same doctrine may be what is needed to tame a tiger before it grows to large to tame. The use of surgical strikes that are so devastating that the North Koreans will never again be a threat to anyone beyond it’s borders may be the only solution for a world that is weary of the games being played by others with the lives of others. Simultaneous actions toward Iran and Syria might get the attention of the various up and coming would be world conquerors as well.

Will that happen while we have as President a man that would rather talk than fight? Who refuses to defend the nation from criminal invaders and blames another nations inability to control it’s criminals on the people of the United States? For some reason I am thinking that a man that bows to Kings will not have the honor or integrity to stand up to a schoolyard bully. One that threatens the entire world… Indeed, he would much rather disarm the very people that he swore an oath to defend.

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7 Responses to “Things that go boom in the night: Nuclear North Korea”

  1. afrocity Says:

    I am very worried about this situation and I have been having nightmares about our safety. There is this sense of impending doom. We have a weak president who hasn’t the slightest clue about foreign policy. I was in New York City during 9/11. That was like hell on earth and I don’t want to live through that again. Now the liberals are saying it is the UN’s fault.

  2. tonydowning Says:

    The President lives in a looking glass world, unaware of the damage he does as he opines. He’s all about feeling morally perfect, and doesn’t realize the uncomprehending nature of his views. American foreign policy such as his is based on a tragic misconception: that there are no totalitarian nations, that all nations can be talked to, and reasoned with. But those nations’ leaders have taken a step into crime from which there is no returning, ever. They cannot be reasoned with.

  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Afrocity Babe! Don’t you be worrying none Hon. Ya see babe, there are these people, they come from all races and backgrounds. They are called AMERICAN WARRIORS! (Slides on over and gives her a nice firm hug, and a kiss on her forehead.) The Officers and Rates of the United States Military swear an oath to protect and defend the United States of America and the Constitution. Not the pantie waist that is sitting in the POTUS chair. Further, that goes for any of them, from whatever party. We will win this one, of that I assure you! SUA SPONTE!

    Next; Check out Tony’s blog, just click on the post that immediately follows yours. He is a very bright young man that writes some pretty dog gone good mystery, 1940’s style. I’m not usually into that genre, but he makes it good. Very good! You being a college instructor might be able to give him a few pointers. πŸ˜€

    I have to really wonder if that man only did some coke and weed because he is really beginning to remind me of people that did hallucinogenics back in the sixties. Hell, on a thousand mikes of Ozlie everyone’s your life long friend…

  4. TexasFred Says:

    Did someone mention Oath Keepers?? πŸ˜›

    Reporting for duty, locked, loaded and mad as hell!!

  5. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Precisely Fred, precisely!

  6. Merry Says:

    You’re damn right I remember those classes and I well remember knowing that if a nuke hit Pendelton we were toast. I also remember that the first time I truly realized what my dad for a living was when President Kennedy came on TV about the Cuban Missle Crisis and I looked at my dad and said “is that why your stuff is packed and ready to go?’ he of course answered Yes. Unfortunately this raging obamination in the White House is going to get people killed, because he has no idea how to respond to what is now the Korean Missle Crisis! Ambassador John Bolton said the other day this is his 3 a.m. phone call and he failed. I have a 20 year old daughter living on Kauai and I’m scared shitless about how close she is to that situation. Between refusing to support Israel and pretending he has a clue about Korea he is going to destroy everything the US has built and stood for and only the Oath Keepers will enable this nation to survive (along with some help from those of us who are prepared for the coming disaster…)

  7. Patrick Sperry Says:

    So true Merry. You should check out Fred’s blog. He is an Oath Keeper on steroids.

    I remember how you, as well as many others were upset. I was also, my step Father went with the first roll out and I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to him because we were in school. That afternoon was one of two times I noticed Mr. Kessler(sp?) turning rather pale. The other was the day that Kennedy got killed.

    Now we have this going on… Korea, near Chosin, is where my Father was killed.

    That weekend following our Fathers deployment was the very first time that we Devil Pups (Young Marines) were handed live ammo to carry on our daily duty roster, as opposed to spending time out at the 33 Area Range. I still have an affinity for O3A3 Springfield Rifles…

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