Some good news for a change..?

Yes, most folks are all taken up with the news of the day. Arlen Specter involved in a murder investigation. A sexist racist being installed in the Supreme Court. An ugly as hell woman with the voice of an angel losing a damned popularity contest. We have people that are standing up for the ethical use of firearms catching some hell. Not to mention, that this past weekend I won the Chili Cook Off! Ok, there were only three entrants… But, I won! No, that is not the good news that I refer to in the title of this post.

Seems that the Pakistani Army is solidly kicking some terrorist butt! That’s something that few organized Army’s have ever accomplished. Rangers did it to the Lefts Godhead, and it’s happened a few times before. I will address the things that factor into such victories at a later time.

In the mean time?

Sua Sponte!

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3 Responses to “Some good news for a change..?”

  1. TexasFred Says:

    You won a chili cook off?? Did ya use beans?? 😕

  2. Stick & String Says:

    And here I thought chili cookoffs were for texas. I’ve been to some “interesting” chili cookoffs in texas, made more so by the “mystery meat” used. Congrats bro!

  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Chili Verde Fred, and no, no beans!

    The meat that I used used to go oink!

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