The New Mafia..?

Big Cowboy Hat Tip to none other than Texas Fred for this one.

Seems we have gangsters in our midst. Usually when I write about gangsters it’s referring to, oh… MS 13, or Crip’s, Blood’s and those sorts of people.

Not so this time. Our very own government is engaging in what looks an awful lot like extortion if not outright theft. Further, since said government and or it’s agents are armed with dangerous and or deadly weaponry? Well folks, that’s called robbery, first degree or armed robbery.

Well, a lot of people in this not so United States wanted change. They are getting change alright. Along with one healthy dose of corruption. Oops! I mean Chicago style politics.

Now, the youtube that follows is pretty to the point. I do not agree with it though. There are in fact many fine individuals serving in the Senate and Congress. Perfect? Nope, and I dare anyone to show me a perfect person. But at least many from places like Texas, Utah, and Wyoming are doing their level best to actually uphold the oath that they took to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Not just to make a buck, or inflict their values on everyone else…

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  1. TexasFred Says:

    And she’s really good looking too!!! 😛

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    […] , which I have no clue about. Should be a quick fix if you know what you are doing with wordpress The New Mafia..? – 06/25/2009 Big Cowboy Hat Tip to none other than Texas Fred for […]

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