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Rangel Guilty! Who wudda thought…

November 17, 2010

The answer to that is a lot of people, and for quite some time I might add.

WASHINGTON—New York Rep. Charles Rangel, a longtime power in the U.S. House, violated its rules with financial misconduct, brought it discredit and will be punished, fellow lawmakers sitting as jurors ruled on Tuesday.Protesting the enduring stain on his four-decade congressional career, the 80-year-old Democrat said he was treated unfairly for “good faith mistakes.” His statement reflected the bitterness of an eight-month career slide, starting with an unrelated ethics ruling that forced him from his coveted chairmanship of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee.Full Story HERE

Rangel’s Rating HERE

House Vote On Anti-gun ObamaCare‏

March 18, 2010

House Vote On Anti-gun ObamaCare Scheduled For This Weekend!

Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

ACTION: The anti-gun health care issue may very well be decided this week.  Even if you have already called, faxed or e-mailed your congressman, it is imperative that you do so one last time.  Please see contact information and suggested letter/talking points below.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This is gun owners’ last shot (so to speak) at saving the country from the worst piece of legislation that we’ve seen in years.

Make no mistake about it:  The pivotal vote in the House will be — directly or indirectly — on whether to adopt the corrupt and discredited Senate ObamaCare bill verbatim.  And the votes are being corralled by Obama and Pelosi through a new round of bribes, threats, and corruption.

Consider what has been implanted in the bill which will be voted on in the House this week.

1. Restrictions upon gun owners. The Senate-passed version would allow the ATF to troll your confidential medical records in order to take guns away from potentially tens of millions of Americans.  The “individual mandate” (in Sections 1501 and 1502) will make it impossible for you to keep private, medical information out of the government-controlled medical database that was created in last year’s stimulus bill.

2. Bribes, bribes, bribes. The bill your Representative will be voting on still contains virtually all of the bribes that made the Senate version such a disgusting spectacle.  This includes:

* Mary Landrieu’s $300,000,000 “Louisiana Purchase;”

* A broadened version of the nauseating “Cornhusker Kickback” to get Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson’s vote;

* The roughly $10 BILLION (with a “b”) bribe to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for clinics which could well be run by ACORN and Planned Parenthood;

* The $100 million Connecticut “Hospital Handout” bribe to corrupt Senator Chris Dodd; and

* The $300 million Libby, Montana, asbestos bribe.

3. Unconstitutional mandates. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the bill to be voted on this week would increase the cost of private insurance by 10-13% over what it would be if Congress did nothing — and require, under penalty of imprisonment, that you buy it.

4. Corrupt procedures. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) plan to ram this bill through the Congress and onto the President’s desk using cheat schemes called “reconciliation” and “self-executing rules.”   This is nothing other than a slimy attempt to ignore the will of the people, who according to the latest polls, overwhelmingly oppose this legislation:

* Under “reconciliation,” any language qualifying for special Senate procedures had to have been reported out of committee by October 15, 2009.  As of March 15, 2010, the language was still not available, even though the House Budget Committee voted to approve the non-existent draft.

* Under the Senate rules, these special procedures can be used only to reduce the deficit.  Once you discount the accounting tricks and fraud that Reid and Pelosi are employing, ObamaCare would INCREASE the deficit by half a trillion dollars over the first ten years.

* Despite Obama’s lies, “reconciliation” has never been used for non-budgetary issues which do not reduce the deficit.

* Now, House Rules Committee Chairman Louise Slaughter (D-NY) is proposing a plan (which has been approved by Pelosi) to “deem” ObamaCare passed without having the House vote on it.  Read more about this plan at .

According to news reports, the phones are ringing off the hook on Capitol Hill.  Estimates as to how close Pelosi is to delivering the votes vary widely.  But Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI), who opposes the bill on grounds that it would allow for taxpayer funding of abortions, says he thinks Pelosi is about 16 votes away.

Please take action now!

WHERE DOES YOUR REPRESENTATIVE STAND ON HEALTH CARE? You can go to two URLs to get the latest updates on where your Representative stands.  Please see:




Phone:  toll-free at 877-762-8762 or 800-965-4701; or call the regular number at 202-225-3121

E-mail: Visit the Gun Owners Legislative Action Center at to send a pre-written message to your Representative.

—– Pre-written letter and talking points —–

Dear Representative:

I am writing you with one final plea to vote against the Senate’s corrupt and bribe-laden ObamaCare bill.

Despite the fact that the Senate tried to allay gun owners’ concerns, the Senate bill would still allow the ATF to troll the confidential medical records in order to take guns away from potentially tens of millions of Americans.  This is because the “individual mandate” in Sections 1501 and 1502 of the Senate-passed bill would make it impossible for people to keep private, medical information out of the government-controlled medical database that was created by the stimulus bill.

The process that put together this Senate bill has been marked with bribes (such as the Cornhusker Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase, etc.), by unconstitutional mandates and by corrupt procedures.  As to corruption, any rules vote on your part which “deems” ObamaCare as passed will be held in the greatest contempt by your constituents.

You represent my state, not the “state of Nancy Pelosi.”  Americans overwhelmingly oppose this legislation.  Please — please listen to your constituents and vote against ObamaCare.


ACORN and Obama: more sleaze…

December 2, 2009

Just when you thought it was over, more sleaze, and more corruption, at least implied…

House Republicans accused the Obama administration Tuesday of covering up criminal activities committed by the embattled community activist group ACORN, saying that the president has used the group as an illegal political tool to help himself and other Democrats get elected.

“The current administration is fast becoming, in reality, the war room of ACORN’s political machine,” said Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican. “I am concerned that the era of corruption promulgated by ACORN and protected by the White House is just the beginning.”

The top Republican on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said ACORN has engaged in “illegal, partisan activities designed to help individual Democratic members.”

Full Story

Bribes: Plain and simple, call them what they are…

November 9, 2009

Call them kickbacks, bribes, backsheesh or Chicago politics. It’s all the same. Please note that this was done during one of the worse financial periods in modern history.

The obamacare fiasco needs to be opened up to the light of day for what it is, a money grab. What else can you call it? Just who will benefit from this?

Read about it HERE

“Task Force” Using Crime And Corruption In Mexico As Premise For Gun Control In U.S.

October 16, 2009

As previously reported here, the NRA is getting fired up over the “Bi-National” shenanigans that are thinly vield shots at U.S. sovereignty because Mexico can’t get a handle on corruption.

On October 13, the Associated Press reported that the so-called Bi-National Task Force on Rethinking the United States-Mexico Border has produced a report, which, among other things, calls for re-imposition of the federal “assault weapon” ban of 1994-2004, saying it would improve security in both countries.

The “border-rethinking” group has been put together by the Pacific Council on International Policy and the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations. The group consists mostly of former U.S. and Mexican officials and journalists, none of them currently elected by the people of the U.S. or Mexico to make policy on these issues.

According to the Pacific Council, the report is being released under the auspices of the Mexican CFR on November 13th and is absolutely unavailable until that time.  The Brady Campaign, naturally, has a copy of the report anyway, and quotes its executive summary as saying “The United States should intensify efforts to curtail the smuggling of firearms, ammunition, and bulk cash into Mexico by aggressively investigating gun sellers, regulating gun shows, [and] reinstituting the Clinton-era ban on assault weapons.”

Congress finished its hearings on the Mexico situation several months ago, and many members of Congress have declared their line-in-the-sand opposition to re-imposition of the ban.  So given that Brady Campaign seems to be the only outfit that has a copy of the embargoed report, it’s safe to conclude that the “task force” is trying to keep the public primed for the next attack on the ownership of firearms like the AR-15 and Remington 11-87, and ammunition magazines designed for defensive purposes.

Whatever the opinions of those who sip tea and nibble biscuits while musing about how to restrict the rest of us, re-imposing the ban would have no effect on Mexico’s historic problem of crime and corruption, for at least three reasons.

First, as has been amply demonstrated, the cartels are not limited to semi-automatic AR-15s and AK-47s.  They have hand-held and tripod-mounted, belt-fed machine guns; grenade launchers and grenades; and a variety of other high-end firearms, explosives, and special-purpose optics and communication gear acquired from countries other than the United States. Thanks to some Americans’ insatiable appetite for mind-altering drugs, they have enough money to buy the “task force” 10 times over, along with any weapon that can be found among any infantry platoon on Earth, no matter what kind of gun law gets imposed.

Second, most of the firearms seized from the cartels do not come from the United States. The claim that “90 percent” of Mexican “crime guns” originate in the U.S. is false. It does not relate to all firearms the Mexicans have seized from the cartels, but only to guns that the Mexicans have asked the BATFE to trace. As the Government Accountability Office has explained, “In 2008, of the almost 30,000 firearms that the Mexican Attorney General’s office said were seized, only around 7,200, or approximately a quarter, were submitted to [BATFE] for tracing.” The 6,700 guns that BATFE traced to the U.S. accounted for about 90 percent of the 7,200 guns that BATFE traced, but only 22 percent of all firearms seized by the Mexican government

Third, the ban did not stop the production and sale of any guns, it merely put a one-attachment limit on new guns. For example, before the ban, AR-15s had a pistol-type grip, flash suppressor and bayonet mount. The 750,000 AR-15s made during the ban had only the grip.  If the “task force” thinks the fate of Mexico hinges on whether a relatively small number of semi-automatic rifles have flash suppressors and bayonet mounts, its members ought to switch to decaffeinated tea and sugar-free cookies during their get-togethers.

Make no mistake, however. Even if the “task force” doesn’t understand the finer details of the old “assault weapon” ban, leading gun ban advocates like Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, the Brady Campaign, the Violence Policy Center, the Joyce Foundation, and the Legal Community Against Violence do.  If they have their way, they will eventually drag us into a much larger battle over the right to keep and bear semi-automatic shotguns, M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, and Ruger Mini-14s, in addition to the AR-15s, semi-automatic AK-47s, and other commonly owned firearms that were at issue during the 1994-2004 ban.


The Sullivan Act: Some History about Gun Control

June 27, 2009

The history of gun control is riddled with racism and corruption as well as outright deception. Based in elitism of one sort or another it is a subject worthy of soap opera drama that stirs the imagination.

One of the earliest examples is New York’s  Sullivan Act. Often pointed to by various advocates of the destruction of unalienable rights as some sort of morbid example of what those that know better than you do what you and your loved ones so desperately need it too is founded in corruption. One has to believe that Chuck Schumer and Frank Lautenberg both wish that they had written this law, and that their constant never ending attacks on liberty reflect that desire.

Some years or decades ago I researched and reported on the Sullivan Act, one of America’s first gun control laws.

New York state senator Timothy Sullivan, a corrupt Tammany Hall politician, represented New York’s Red Hook district. Commercial travelers passing through the district would be relieved of their valuables by armed robbers. In order to protect themselves and their property, travelers armed themselves. This raised the risk of, and reduced the profit from, robbery. Sullivan’s outlaw constituents demanded that Sullivan introduce a law that would prohibit concealed carry of pistols, blackjacks, and daggers, thus reducing the risk to robbers from armed victims.

The criminals, of course, were already breaking the law and had no intention of being deterred by the Sullivan Act from their business activity of armed robbery. Thus, the effect of the Sullivan Act was precisely what the criminals intended. It made their life of crime easier.

As the first successful gun control advocates were criminals, I have often wondered what agenda lies behind the well-organized and propagandistic gun control organizations and their donors and sponsors in the US today. The propaganda issued by these organizations consists of transparent lies.

Consider the propagandistic term, “gun violence,” popularized by gun control advocates. This is a form of reification by which inanimate objects are imbued with the ability to act and to commit violence. Guns, of course, cannot be violent in themselves. Violence comes from people who use guns and a variety of other weapons, including fists, to commit violence.

Nevertheless, we hear incessantly the Orwellian Newspeak term, “gun violence.”

Very few children are killed by firearm accidents compared to other causes of child deaths. Yet, gun control advocates have created the false impression that there is a national epidemic in accidental firearm deaths of children. In fact, the National MCH Center for Child Death Review, an organization that monitors causes of child deaths, reports that seven times more children die from drowning and five times more from suffocation than from firearm accidents. Yet we don’t hear of “drowning violence,” “swimming pool violence,” “bathtub violence,” or “suffocation violence.”

The National MCH Center for Child Death Review reports that 174 children eighteen years old and under died from firearm accidents in 2000. The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control reports that 125 children eighteen years old and under died from firearm accidents in 2006. In 2006 there were 77,845,285 youths in that age bracket.

Full Story

The New Mafia..?

June 25, 2009

Big Cowboy Hat Tip to none other than Texas Fred for this one.

Seems we have gangsters in our midst. Usually when I write about gangsters it’s referring to, oh… MS 13, or Crip’s, Blood’s and those sorts of people.

Not so this time. Our very own government is engaging in what looks an awful lot like extortion if not outright theft. Further, since said government and or it’s agents are armed with dangerous and or deadly weaponry? Well folks, that’s called robbery, first degree or armed robbery.

Well, a lot of people in this not so United States wanted change. They are getting change alright. Along with one healthy dose of corruption. Oops! I mean Chicago style politics.

Now, the youtube that follows is pretty to the point. I do not agree with it though. There are in fact many fine individuals serving in the Senate and Congress. Perfect? Nope, and I dare anyone to show me a perfect person. But at least many from places like Texas, Utah, and Wyoming are doing their level best to actually uphold the oath that they took to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Not just to make a buck, or inflict their values on everyone else…

So? Just what is new in Illinois…

December 10, 2008

Illinois has a long history of corruption. Indeed, there are people that imply that New Orleans became corrupt only after Chicago carpetbaggers arrived there immediately after the War of Northern Agression. From the Daley dynasty in Chicago to the Governors mansion the state appears to have one big “for sale” sign on it. It’s no wonder to me why my father left Springfield and joined the Marine Corps, and that was more than fifty years ago. What follows serves to fill in just a few of the blanks having to do with this tradition…

Dec. 10 (Bloomberg) — Rod Blagojevich has followed in the footsteps of his predecessors: He became the fourth of the past seven governors elected in Illinois to be arrested. Residents blame the sad tradition on a culture of patronage.

“Government in Illinois isn’t about political ideology or helping people,” said Christopher Mooney, who teaches political science at the University of Illinois-Springfield. “It’s about which idiot brother-in-law are you going to get a job on a road crew because he helped you get into office.”

The governor, a Democrat, was charged yesterday with trying to sell Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat, according to a criminal complaint filed by prosecutors. Three previous governors were jailed: Otto Kerner, governor from 1961 to 1968; Dan Walker, who held the job from 1973 to 1977; and George Ryan, who served from 1999 to 2003.

Blagojevich, 51, and his chief of staff, John Harris, 46, threatened to withhold state assistance to now-bankrupt Tribune Co. in connection with the sale of the Wrigley Field ballpark, according to federal prosecutors. No pleas were entered and neither defendant made any statements during the hearing.

The men also allegedly sought to force the firing of members on the Chicago Tribune’s editorial board who were critical of the governor. Tribune Co. owns the newspaper and the Chicago Cubs baseball team, which plays at Wrigley.

State politicians being carted off to jail reflects a local indifference to wrongdoing that needs to be changed, said Dick Simpson, a political science professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a former city alderman.

“We have a culture of machine politics and it lends itself to corruption,” said Simpson. “We are the capital of corruption in the U.S.”

History of Corruption

Political corruption has a bipartisan history in the state. Kerner, a Democrat convicted in 1973, was jailed after the manager of two horse-racing tracks admitted to bribing the then- governor; charges were filed after Kerner left office. Walker, a Democrat convicted in 1987, a decade after leaving office, served less than two years of a seven-year sentence for receiving improper loans.

Ryan, a Republican charged with accepting trips and gifts in exchange for political favors, was sentenced to more than six years in 2006.

Robert Sorich, who led Democratic Mayor Richard M. Daley’s Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, and three other men were found guilty by a Chicago federal court jury in 2006 for illegal hiring. Daley, first elected in 1989 and the son of the city’s longest-serving mayor, wasn’t accused of wrongdoing.

“They must have a cell reserved somewhere for aldermen and governors,” said Tommy FitzGibbon, executive vice president at MB Financial Bank in Chicago, who wants Blagojevich to resign. “It’s an embarrassment.”

‘What an Idiot’

The region’s reputation was in the national spotlight during this year’s presidential election. Republican presidential nominee John McCain ran political ads claiming that Democratic rival Barack Obama is part of a “corrupt Chicago political machine.”

The Blagojevich arrest has brought more notoriety to the region. Clients in Germany and Ireland were aware of the arrest and brought it up in morning telephone calls with Caimin Flannery, a partner in Caimin Flannery & Associates in Naperville, Illinois, about 35 miles west of Chicago. The international business-development firm advises companies on mergers of $10 million to “several hundred” million dollars.

“Most people I’ve talked to today feel: ‘What an idiot,’” said Flannery, who was born in Ireland and speaks nine languages. “It’s just the greed factor.”

‘A New Low’

The governor was charged with conspiring to obtain campaign contributions in exchange for official actions, including the replacement of Obama. Court-approved wiretaps intercepted Blagojevich last month conspiring to sell the Senate seat, said U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. At various times, Blagojevich sought in return a cabinet post, an ambassadorship or a seat on a corporate board for his wife, Fitzgerald said.

“This is a sad day for government and it’s a very sad day for Illinois government,” Fitzgerald said. “Governor Blagojevich has taken us to a new low.”

The governor’s office has become the heart of a corruption culture in the fifth-largest U.S. state, said Tamara Holder, a Chicago defense attorney.

“It’s definitely ingrained,” Holder said.

Blagojevich, in his second term, has been buffeted by scandals in the state government and budget shortfalls. A Chicago Tribune poll in October put his approval rating at 13 percent, the lowest ever recorded by the newspaper’s surveys.

No one among more than a dozen residents interviewed said they were caught off-guard by the arrests.

“You’ve been getting report after report of something negative going on,” said Hector Galvan, a trading consultant for RJO Futures, the private client division of R.J. O’Brien & Associates LLC in Chicago.

While Blagojevich is the latest Illinois governor in court, Galvan said the state has also produced admirable politicians.

“The President-elect is from here,” Galvan said. “You can’t let a few spoil it for everyone else.”


One last shot at “Progress Now”

November 3, 2008

Obama’s mentors include Marxists Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinsky, Marxist terrorist William Ayers, racist Muslim hate group leader Rev. Louis Farrakhan, and racist hate group leader Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Obama belonged to one of the nation’s most vile racist hate groups, Trinity United Church of Christ, for 20 years and says this group is not particularly controversial.

Obama is quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle as saying he will bankrupt the coal industry in America, a threat echoed by Joe Biden who says under Obama there will be no coal plants in America.

Obama says he is a citizen of the world and will personally change the entire world to reflect his core beliefs.

Obama stated in Colorado Springs that as president he would create a federal para-military police force with the same weapons as our military and with the same powers at home that our military has at war abroad.

Obama made a special video for an anti-military hate group in which he says he will personally disembowel the evil US war machine.

Obama has voted “present” hundreds of times rather than take a stand on an issue.

Obama’s political career was launched in the living room of his friend, colleague, fundraiser, and business partner Bill Ayers, an admitted terrorist.

Obama raised $75,000 for PLO terrorist Rashid Khalili.

Obama is an attorney, fundraiser and instructor for the ACORN voter fraud organization under investigation by the FBI.

Tony Rezko, Obama’s business partner, is a convicted felon who helped arrange a land deal for Obama and who raised funds for Obama.

Obama has voted time and again to strip Americans of their right to defend themselves, their families and homes from armed home invaders.

Obama has taken many millions of dollars from mysterious sources abroad and refuses to release who and what those sources are.

Obama is on video repeatedly threatening to redistribute Americans’ wealth as he sees fit.

 Obama stated in the second presidential debate that he will seek permission from foreign governments before instituting his economic plan for the US.

Obama is endorsed or officially supported by:

Cuban Marxist dictator Fidel Castro

Venezuelan Marxist dictator Hugo Chavez

Libyan terrorist dictator Moammar Gadhafi

North Korean Communist dictator Kim Jung-il

The Muslim terrorist group Hamas

Muslim hate group leader Rev. Louis Farrakhan

The Muslim terrorist group al Qaeda

The Iranian Muslim terrorist regime

Kenyan genocidal strongman Raila Odinga

Fight racism. Fight bigotry. Fight hate. Defend the Constitution. Defeat fascism. Defend our military. Defend your rights. Win the war on terror. Defeat al Qaeda. Defeat all Muslim terrorism.



Another Obama crony on his way to the Big House

October 31, 2008

Government does not get much more corrupt than in Obama’s home state of Illinois. Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich, a close ally of Obama, was elected on a promise to clean up the corruption, but how does one get rid of corruption when Democrats have control of the Illinois House, Senate and all but one statewide office?

Blagojevich is under investigation for a number of, shall we say, suspect campaign and business dealings. The most notable of these is Blagojevich’s close association with one Antonin “Tony” Rezko, who has been indicted for his part in a scheme to obtain kickbacks from the state. Blagojevich’s wife, Patricia, was a real estate business partner with Rezko for more than a decade. In Rezko’s trial, it was revealed that 75 percent of those who gave more than $25,000 to Blagojevich’s campaign received state contracts or appointments to state boards. Rezko was also indicted in January on charges of money laundering for an Iraqi billionaire, Nadhmi Auchi, whom military analysts describe as one of Saddam’s bagmen.

Rezko’s fingerprints are all over Obama’s political campaigns. He was Obama’s Chicago fundraising patriarch, a “fixer.” Rezko and his bagmen donated more than $225,000 to Obama’s campaigns.

Rezko’s fingerprints also adorn Obama’s 2005 purchase of his swanky Georgian mansion on Chicago’s south side—right down the street from where Obama’s new neighbor, terrorist William Ayers, launched Obama’s political career. (We know, given Obama’s rhetoric, he must have lived in a government housing project and commuted by mass transit.) That mansion and the adjacent lot were originally one parcel, but the owner divided it into two, and the adjacent lot was purchased by Rezko for the full $625,000 asking price—far above market value. On the same day, Obama purchased his mansion on the first lot for well under market value. One might conclude that Rezko subsidized Obama’s discount with the purchase of the adjacent lot but Rezko conveniently holds a receipt for a “loan” from his Iraqi friend, Auchi.

source: Patriot Post

Who will be next? Governor Rod Blagojevich? Perhaps Mayor Daley? One can only hope!

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