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Anyone that regularly reads this blog is more then aware that I am no shill for the Republicans. However, until the Conservative Party of America actually gets up and running most politicians that I do support will most probably be Republicans. Colorado State Senator is one of those that I will support. What follows is his latest newsletter.


It is with great excitement and urgency that I announce my candidacy for re-election to the Colorado State Senate.

As you know our country is in the midst of a major economic, political and moral crisis and I can not see myself sitting on the sidelines during this critical time in our nation’s history!

There is a revolution occurring…a revolution by the radical left to consolidate power and socialize major aspects of the private sector. Whether it is the auto industry, the financial industry, the health care or the energy industry, the Democrats are attempting to control the means of production in the most important areas of our economy.  They have already taken over major companies like GM and are attempting to control entire industries through draconian regulation like Cap and Trade or single payer health care.  They are power drunk with their majority status and are emboldened to push through their radical agenda.

World history has proven that socialism diminishes the value of each individual life for the sake of the whole; it robs the individual of the rewards of their labor, while enslaving them into a life of dependency on a Godless master called government. Knowing this, why would any rational person intentionally try to take our nation down this “road to serfdom?”

Indeed, this is the moral conflict of our time, and it demands that every conservative rise up and answer the call to action!

Even here in Colorado, the Governor and the Democrat majority tried to take $500 million in private sector premiums from Pinnacol, one of the state’s largest workers compensation assurance companies.

Thankfully, we have a seasoned group of conservative legislators that led the fight against many of the Democrat’s most radical schemes here in Colorado.  Whether it was against their efforts to take over Pinnacol Assurance Company, or their push to give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants, or their attempts to abolish Colorado’s Electoral College vote-our Republican legislature stood united to stop their efforts.

There is a light beginning to shine on the horizon…The brazen actions of the liberals have brought about a grassroots movement of common sense Americans across our great country.  Ordinary citizens are becoming actively involved in the political process for the first time in their lives! Whether it is through the TEA parties, the 9/12 groups, the Ron Paul activists or the anti-illegal immigration movement, Americans of all walks of life are starting to plug in.  Many who have taken for granted our precious freedoms are now beginning to realize what is at risk and how much we are about to lose.

We must unite these diverse groups to organize a political movement that will focus on taking back our state and our nation-a nation founded on the principles of free people and free markets-not copouts, handouts and bailouts.

Whatever happened to individual responsibility-when a bad investment meant you lost money…not where you looked to the taxpayers to bail you out?  I don’t know of any hard working, average American expecting or receiving a bailout from their fellow neighbors.  Why should we treat Wall Street any differently?

It is time we say enough is enough!

I am committed to taking the conservative fight to the State Senate once again, but I need the help of grassroots activists like you.

Over the last eight years I have helped lead the conservative movement here in Colorado.  I have fought hard to bring traditional, common sense values to the Colorado legislature.

During my tenure I have had the great privilege to sponsor and co-sponsor some of the State’s most important pieces of conservative legislation.

IMMIGRATION REFORM-I have led the fight on immigration reform since the first day I walked through the capitol doors.   In 2002, I was able to sponsor and see passed the law which denies drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens.  I also sponsored and passed the law eliminating sanctuary cities throughout our state.  I have led the fight to prohibit illegal immigrants from receiving taxpayer subsidized in-state tuition.  My efforts earned me the “Legislator of the Year Award” in 2006 and 2008 from “CASA” the ColoradoAlliance for a Secure America.

PRO-LIFE-I was designated Legislator of the Year in 2003 by Colorado Right to Life with the passage of my bill requiring parental notification for minors seeking abortion–the first and only pro-life bill ever to pass in Colorado.  I also had the opportunity to introduce abortion survivor Gianna Jessen to the Colorado State House.  Until my last breath, I will always champion life from conception to natural death.

TAX LIMITATION-Over the years I’ve helped lead the fight to protect TABOR and stop new taxation during the greatest revenue shortfall in our state’s history.  In 2004, I was awarded “Taxpayer Guardian” by the ColoradoUnion of Taxpayers. I have never supported a tax increase in my tenure in the legislature.

SECOND AMENDMENT-Twice I have been named “Legislator of the Year” by RockyMountain Gun Owners.  I also have an “A” rating with the NRA and the Colorado State Shooting Association. And just this past year I was the Senate sponsor of the “Make My Day Better” bill.

EDUCATION REFORM-This year I sponsored the Public School Transparency Act which required all public schools to post their books online so that any interested taxpayer could review the district’s books and determine where their tax money was being spent.

These are only a few highlights of my eight years in the State Legislature, but now is the time to look forward to the next four years and what we can accomplish together.  I assure you I will continue to fight for lower taxes, to protect the unborn, to preserve family values, to defend our Constitution and our borders, and to create new jobs throughout all of Colorado.

We cannot allow the forces of the left to prevail in Colorado any longer. We must win back both the State House and Senate, and we must take back the Governor’s office.  The stakes are too high to lose.  I need your help!

Through re-election:

·  I can continue to help lead our conservative fight down at the State Capitol.
·  I can help elect other conservatives around the state to all levels of government.

·  I can help unite a conservative movement that has been silent for far too long.
·  Together we can return economic prosperity and sanity to our great state.

As you know I ran for Congress last year and subsequently I was unable to raise any funds for my Senate re-election campaign.  I actually have less than $500 in my Senate account.  Therefore, I am reaching out to friends and supporters like you to help raise the resources necessary to mount a bold and unapologetic conservative campaign.

Current state law limits contributions to no more than $400 per individual.   With these limitations and the tough economic times, it is going to take quite a number of small individual contributions to reach our goal of $50,000.  Please consider contributing today.  No matter how much you are able to give, every bit is essential, and gratefully received by our campaign.

To contribute online click here

Or, you may send a check to:
Committee to Elect Ted Harvey
P.O. Box 630438
Highlands Ranch, CO 80163

Thank you again for your friendship and support, together we can take this battle directly to the Democrats next November.


Senator Ted Harvey (R)
30th District, Colorado

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2 Responses to “Senator Ted Harvey”

  1. brittanicus Says:

    These politicians voted Against the Nathan Deal Amendment, that would Prevent Health Care Benefits to Illegal Aliens. Simply put–it’s not their BLOODY MONEY! So what! Do they care if taxpayers have to foot the behemoth bill, for anybody who snubs our laws and enters a sovereign country called America? The nationwide parasites are –CHEAP LABOR–businesses who could care less, because they pile up enormous profits. The corporate hierarchy have been having a field day–FOR DECADES. A foreign national gets hurt, their service manager or whoever the underling is, drives the maimed person and relinquishes any responsibility by dumping them on the emergency hospital entranceway. BINGO! nothing to pay!

    Perhaps Americans should find some old shoddy clothes, no shave, no haircut and enter every emergency room in our country in the millions? Speak a lot of gibberish and carry no identification with a small splinter in their finger, a touch of a fever or any minor condition. By federal law the hospital will have an emergency on a–EMERGENCY. I am afraid Americans have been Lemmings going over a proverbial cliff, since who knows when? We just keep paying and paying even more to the IRS, to support–ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Try getting free health care in any other country, other than societies in the European Union? A FAT CHANCE! We are literary being taxed to death, to give welfare to the business overlords.

    Even our Democrats who are trying to engineer health care for every American—INCLUDED 20 PLUS ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND THEIR LARGE FAMILIES. Here are 29 Judas Iscariot’s, who sold the American people out–for a lot more than 13 pieces of silver? HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS EVERY YEAR. Capps (D-CA), Eshoo (D-CA), Harman (D-CA), Matsui (D-CA), McNerney (D-CA), Waxman (D-CA), DeGette (D-CO), Murphy (D-CT), Castor (D-FL), Rush (D-IL), Schakowsky (D-IL), Braley (D-IA), Sarbanes (D-MD), Markey (D-MA), Dingell (D-MI), Stupak (D-MI), Pallone (D-NJ), Weiner (D-NY), Butterfield (D-NC), Space (D-OH), Sutton (D-OH), Doyle (D-PA), Gordon (D-TN), Gonzalez (D-TX), Green (D-TX),Welch (D-VT), Christensen (D-VI), Inslee (D-WA) and Baldwin (D-WI). I’m afraid I would be banned if I used the right epithet, when leaving a comment for these so called lawmakers?

    These are the betrayers of–ALL–taxpayers. These 29 traitors gave illegal immigrants the right to pilfer your billfold and purse, while they sit in their Washington office collecting their 6 figure salaries. REMEMBER THEM AND THROW THEM OUT! DEMAND NO AMNESTY! NO FAMILY UNIFICATION KNOWN AS CHAIN MIGRATION! BUILD THE ORIGINAL FENCE! NO MORE HEALTH CARE OR ANY OTHER KIND OF BENEFITS FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. CLOSE THE BORDER AND STATION THE NATIONAL GUARD. $2.5 TRILLION DOLLARS, JUST IN RETIREMENT BENEFITS? Learn uncorrupted facts at NUMBERSUSA.
    Copy, Paste and Distribute freely

  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    I’m trying to figure out what Ted Harvey, a State Senator, that has spoken out against such things, has to do with what you posted?

    BTW, I am in agreement with you about illegals getting anything that they are not entitled to.

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