Taking guns to protests; Did it help or hinder gun rights?

Recently people have been taking weapons to Town hall meetings and impostor in chief appearances. A lot of things have been said about this. Mostly by hopolophobic politicians. The Christian Science Monitor has an article out dealing with this, and they missed at least one rather serious point. As have most reports.

The guys with no necks from Unions have been roughing people up, and otherwise intimidating peaceful protesters, as well as a few that were vocal about their concerns. Have the thugs been active at all when law abiding people, that don’t upset the Secret Service, still there bullying anyone?

Have the anti freedom types that believe that the First Amendment is sacrosanct, just so long as you agree with them, been out there challenging or twisting any arms when an armed lawful citizen is present?

Read the once believable Christian Science Monitor story HERE.

Contrast that puff piece with this.

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3 Responses to “Taking guns to protests; Did it help or hinder gun rights?”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Hi Patrick ~

    Why are we not surprised that the media just cannot accept the truth, that it’s anathema to them, that they must twist it into something evil to fit their agenda?

    Thank you for sharing and keepting the Dems honest! Keep Liberty alive, my friend. (All suggestions gratefully accepted.)

    ~~Lisa @ Get d’Clu

  2. Doozer Says:

    surely the guns don’t have to be LOADED to make a free speech demonstration ring true. Any real gun owner should find this behavior reckless and irresponsible… remember NRA? Always treat a gun like it’s loaded? Don’t load a gun unless you are going to shoot it?? These people aren’t “fighting for freedom” unless you consider the right to threaten lives freedom.

    (edited due to profane comment)

  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    An unloaded gun is nothing but an expensive club Doozer, and therefore useless against the guys with no necks from SEIU etc.

    Doozer, you have succeeded in becoming only the second person to be edited here due to your juvenile comment.

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