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Should H.R. 308 reach the Senate…

April 19, 2012

If passed, H.R. 308 would outlaw the sale or transfer of firearm magazines with a capacity of more than ten rounds.

In fact, Congresswoman McCarthy’s bill would turn widows into instant FELONS if their late husbands possessed a 12-round magazine!

Without the petitions from pro-gun Americans like you, it is impossible for the National Association for Gun Rights to keep the pressure on fence-sitting members of Congress in order to defeat gun control.

So please, click here to sign your petition right away.

BUT… even with your petition, defeating this bill won’t be easy — it will take more than just National Association for Gun Rights members alone.

I need to reach out to millions of pro-gun Americans all over the country.

And that isn’t cheap.

So in addition to your signed petition, will you make a generous contribution of $75, $50 or $%%CF_HPC1% to reach more people?

If you didn’t read my letter from earlier this week, I’ve attached it below for your convenience!  It explains just how important it is we DEFEAT H.R. 308 immediately.

When it comes to RAMMING new gun control schemes into law, President Obama believes he has some unfinished business to attend to.

But instead of standing up and FIGHTING BACK, I’m afraid some House Republicans could prove all too willing to “cut a deal.”

That’s why it’s vital you sign the petition below IMMEDIATELY.

As you’ll see, this petition DEMANDS your Congressman and Senators vote NO on the gun-grabbers’ Magazine Gun Ban Bill (H.R. 308) — or any similar bill.

If passed, Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy’s (D-NY) Magazine Ban Bill would OUTLAW the sale or transfer of firearm magazines with a capacity of more than ten rounds.

Already own a handgun, rifle or shotgun with a magazine that holds more than ten rounds?

You’re “legal” for now. But you can’t ever sell it, give it away or pass it down to your kids.

In fact, Congresswoman McCarthy’s bill would turn widows into instant FELONS if their late husbands possessed a 12-round magazine!
Worse, some Capitol Hill insiders are telling me — should H.R. 308 reach the Senate — gun-grabbers are preparing to load the Magazine Ban Bill down with dozens of amendments, including the following:

*** Mandatory waiting periods and expensive, drawn-out “psychological screenings” designed to force ALL law-abiding citizens to get government approval before purchasing a firearm;

*** A TOTAL ban on all private sales under the guise of “closing the gun-show loophole”;

*** A new so-called “Assault Weapons” Ban, targeting ALL semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.

That’s why I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action.

You see, President Obama knows this fall’s Presidential campaign is going to be a knock-down, drag-out FIGHT.

But he also knows many grassroots Republicans aren’t exactly “enthusiastic” about their candidates.

So even with his approval ratings hovering around all-time lows, President Obama has a strong chance of winning another term — IF he can turn out his left-wing base this November.

That’s why, with gun control activists like Sarah Brady and Michael Bloomberg DEMANDING action, you can virtually guarantee President Obama is going to do everything in his power to RAM H.R. 308 into law.

And sadly, I’m afraid some House Republicans will fall in line . . .

Remember, after the Arizona tragedy how several high-profile Republicans like U.S. Senator Dick Lugar (IN), Dick Cheney and Homeland Security Chairman Peter King (NY) all began pushing for new gun control schemes?

If President Obama has the audacity to trot out a still-recovering Gabrielle Giffords before his pals in the anti-gun national media, do you really believe you can count on weak-kneed House Republicans to oppose H.R. 308?

Sure, some will. Perhaps even most House Republicans will vote to DEFEAT H.R. 308.

But President Obama knows he won’t need every Republican vote. He just needs a handful to pass the McCarthy Magazine Ban.

Not only that, but with more and more news reports saying anti-gun Democrats could gain control of the U.S. House this November, many House Republicans are going to be afraid of losing their seats.

Under the white-hot spotlight of anti-gun media scrutiny, more than a few could end up thinking their very political survival depends on selling out and voting to pass H.R. 308!

The bad news is, support for H.R. 308 is gaining steam. In the House, it already has 111 House cosponsors!

Should this bill reach the Senate, all bets will be off.

That’s why your signed petition is so critical.

You see, the only way you and I can WIN this fight is to PROVE to Congress that passing H.R. 308 WILL mean political pain at the polls this November.

In short, we’ll send the message to Congress that they can either vote to DEFEAT H.R. 308 — or they can begin looking for another job.

Since President Obama was first sworn in, you and I have defied the odds and have beaten back the very worst of the gun-grabbers’ schemes.

But McCarthy’s Magazine Ban could be our toughest test yet.

So please sign your petition along with your most generous contribution of $75, $50 or $25 IMMEDIATELY.

For liberty,

Dudley Brown
Executive Vice President

P.S. With Republicans less than enthusiastic about their presidential candidates, President Obama believes he can win reelection if he’s able to mobilize his left-wing base.

That’s made H.R. 308, Carolyn McCarthy’s Magazine Ban Bill, a TOP priority for President Obama. He MUST rally his anti-gun supporters.

If passed, this legislation would OUTLAW the sale or transfer of firearm magazines with a capacity of more than ten rounds, turning widows into instant FELONS if their late husbands possessed a 12-round magazine!

That’s why it’s vital you help STOP this dangerous scheme.

The “Golden State” of my birth…

April 1, 2010

Said State of Gold…? Is broke. As a direct result of socialist policy’s that have been going on for decades. It is broke morally as well as financially. Don’t get me wrong on this. There are still quite a few people in California that are decent, strong, and smarter than your average hoplophobe from San Fransisco. But..? Why, in the name of God, or any of the early Californios, are these things even an issue..?

Some things are right, and? Some things are wrong. Granted, some things are a bit gray. However? What follows clearly isn’t. Not at all. You see, these things are already granted…

Assembly Bill 2053, sponsored by Assemblymember Jeff Miller (R-71), would clarify the current statutes for law enforcement to issue a concealed firearms license.  Under AB2053, the “good cause” stipulation would apply to self-defense, defending the life of another, or preventing crime in which a human life is threatened.

Assembly Bill 2115, introduced by Assemblymember Steve Knight (R-36), would alter California’s concealed carry statutes by eliminating the “good cause” requirement for veterans.

Assembly Bill 2152, simply put, would exempt honorably discharged members of the United States Armed Forces, National Guard, Air National Guard, and active reserve components of the United States from the handgun safety certificate requirements to purchase a handgun.  AB2152 is sponsored by Assemblymember Jim Nielsen (R-2).

Please contact the members of the Assembly Committee on Public Safety TODAY and respectfully urge them to support AB2053, AB2115, and AB2152. Contact information can be found below.

Assembly Member Tom Ammiano (D-13) – Chair
(916) 319-2013

Assembly Member Curt Hagman (R-60) – Vice Chair
(916) 319-2060

Assembly Member Danny D. Gilmore (R-30)
(916) 319-2030

Assembly Member Jerry Hill (D-19)
(916) 319-2019

Assembly Member Nancy Skinner (D-14)
(916) 319-2014

Assembly Member Jim Beall, Jr. (D-24)
(916) 319-2024

Assembly Member Anthony Portantino (D-44)
(916) 319-2044


Brady Campaign Continues Slide Into Irrelevancy

March 20, 2010

It sure seems as though the hoplophobe’s have degenerated into what we in the medical field call suicidal  ideation. I mean really?

Once many years ago, while down at Denver General Hospital, some high power super Doc proceeded to chew on my butt because I was reading a hunting magazine in the driveway to the Emergency Department and it had, OH MY GOD!, a picture of a gun on the cover!

That friends, is a person that suffers from mental illness. As noted above… Anyways, right about then a D.G. crew brought in a bad guy that had a few well deserved holes in him. Seems a Denver Cop did what Cops do when confronted with deadly force. But like the better than thou Super Doc said; “Guns are only for killing and never do anyone any good!” Yeah… Right Doc!

But I digress, as usual… read on.

The notion that lemmings deliberately hasten their demise by rushing into the sea may be a myth, but the anti-Second Amendment group and its spokesmen really are scurrying through a series of blunders that may hasten their steady march to irrelevancy.

In 2008, in District of Columbia v. Heller, the group’s two theories about the Second Amendment were rejected by the Supreme Court, one of them by five justices and the other by all nine. In 2009, they tried, with no success, to frighten America about tourists carrying guns for protection in national parks.

This year, they’ve insulted their most powerful ally, President Obama, for not setting aside the economy, the war, and his social agenda to push for gun control legislation Congress does not support. They’ve given the states their worst “Brady grades” ever, even though violent crime continues to decrease. And, they’ve badgered the Starbucks coffee company for allowing customers to legally carry firearms in its stores.

This week, though, Brady lawyer Dennis Henigan—the world’s most prolific advocate of the legal theories the Supreme Court sent to the shredder two years ago—further diminished the group’s credibility by claiming “The evidence is overwhelming that the ‘shall-issue’ concealed carry laws have been a disaster for public safety. . . . [T]he scholarly research shows that the laws generally have been ‘associated with uniform increases in crime.'”

If he had just pushed himself away from the computer after his first four words, he would have been much better off. There’s “evidence,” all right, and it’s certainly “overwhelming.” Today, there are 36 states with “shall issue” laws—an all-time high. Sixty-three percent of Americans live in “shall issue” states, five million Americans have carry permits, and two states don’t even require a permit to carry concealed.

“Uniform increases in crime”? The nation’s violent crime rate is at a 35-year low.

Since adopting “shall issue” laws, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Utah and Virginia have had decreases in violent crime ranging from 26 to 53 percent.

Henigan also claimed to have 33,000 signatures on his anti-Starbucks online petition, which can be signed by anyone with a computer anywhere in the world. But in a country of five million carry permit holders, up to 80 million gun owners, and 300 million people, Brady’s petition and $1.70 will get you …


The Rights of Englishmen?

October 9, 2009

One of the primary reasons that the American Colonies rebelled was the suspension of their hereditary rights as citizens guaranteed them by the Magna Carta. Commonly called “The Rights of Englishmen.”

Perhaps my “rude” American streak makes me the way that I am. But when I read what follows I was reminded of the reasons that men and women have fought and died for this nation. I pity our cousins across the Atlantic…

The country’s top judge has demanded an increase in penalties to those arrested in possession of firearms. The Lord Chief Justice stated that, “Guns kill and maim, terrorise and intimidate” and that public safety must be paramount above all else. The main argument used by Lord Judge is one of deterrence, stating “deterrent and punitive sentences are required and should be imposed” such as mandatory minimum sentences for offenders including life sentences for distributors even if there was no intent to endanger life. In the debate over gun control there are a two major issues people often find themselves divided over: Firstly, where to draw the line between public protection and public dominion, and second, the trade-off between public and private deterrence.

Full Story

Acting 101: political propaganda

October 7, 2009

This looks so staged it has to be from the mind of a script writer. It is also, clearly, an act that involves a straw purchase or the attempt to do so.

The Felon Mayor Bloomberg, is above the law, at least that is what a Federal Judge ruled. If it were a common citizen pulling these shenanigans? Can you say prison..?

Onward Hopolophobe soldiers! We are onto your games.

Violence Policy Center: We told you this was coming

August 29, 2009

I’ve warned here and at other blogs that Gun Control would again become framed as a health issue. Well, it is beginning to appear that I have as much “swami” in me as TexasFred does!

Second Amendment: Beware Permit Holders

Concealed handgun permit holders are the target of a recent report issued by the Violence Policy Center, an anti-gun advocacy organization that says, “Gun violence is more than a crime issue; it is a broad-based public health crisis of which crime is merely the most recognized aspect.” The report, entitled “Law Enforcement and Private Citizens Killed by Concealed Handgun Permit Holders,” is quite possibly the shoddiest piece of investigative research available — an obvious effort to manipulate a particular set of circumstances to support the Center’s efforts to undermine Second Amendment rights. The report relies on news stories rather than hard data to support its claims that between May 2007 and April 2009, permit holders were responsible for the deaths of 51 people.

As Bob Owens of Pajamas Media notes in his analysis, “Of the 31 incidents cited by the Violence Policy Center in its report, eight did not involve the use of concealed weapons. One used no weapon at all, four used rifles, one was a negligent discharge, and three were incidents of domestic violence where non-concealed handguns were used.” Owens concludes, “All told, 30 of the 57 people that the Violence Policy Center suggested were killed as a result of concealed carry should not have been included in any study citing concealed carry of handguns as a significant contributing factor.”

The VPC is funded to the tune of $700,000 per year by The Joyce Foundation, where Barack Obama served as director from 1994-2002. In 1999, Joyce began a significant attack on 2nd Amendment rights, a move that ultimately had bearing in the Heller Supreme Court appeal. While Obama maintains that he supports individual Second Amendment rights, the actions of the Joyce Foundation that he directed, and the latest attempt by the VPC to tag concealed carry permit holders as the villains, should serve as a reminder that the Left will never stop trying to subvert our fundamental constitutional rights.


And here it comes…

August 24, 2009

There are many ways to undermine Liberty. Make gun control into a “health” issue is one. More on that at a later date… Then, as if that isn’t outrageous enough. The anti liberty and freedom crowd are making traditional human things into First Amendment arguments. That’s right, hunting and fishing are on the table for the Black Crow Cowards. As a First Amendment issue no less...

Full Story

What next? Will WordPress become a Tenth Amendment issue because some bloggers here post things that some people take offense too?

Taking guns to protests; Did it help or hinder gun rights?

August 21, 2009

Recently people have been taking weapons to Town hall meetings and impostor in chief appearances. A lot of things have been said about this. Mostly by hopolophobic politicians. The Christian Science Monitor has an article out dealing with this, and they missed at least one rather serious point. As have most reports.

The guys with no necks from Unions have been roughing people up, and otherwise intimidating peaceful protesters, as well as a few that were vocal about their concerns. Have the thugs been active at all when law abiding people, that don’t upset the Secret Service, still there bullying anyone?

Have the anti freedom types that believe that the First Amendment is sacrosanct, just so long as you agree with them, been out there challenging or twisting any arms when an armed lawful citizen is present?

Read the once believable Christian Science Monitor story HERE.

Contrast that puff piece with this.

Can you say scaredy cat? I knew ya could!

August 20, 2009

Any government that fears the people that it leads, has reason to fear. Because what that means is simply that they are ruling the people, not leading them, or, heaven forbid, representing them. Cloud an issue, then bury it with rhetoric and call it anything but what it is seems to be the playbook being used by today’s politicians…

Norton Calls on Homeland Security Officials to Restrict Gun Carrying Outside Public Events Where President and Federal Officials Appear in D.C. and Nationwide

August 19, 2009

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), who sits on the Homeland Security Committee, today called on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and U.S. Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan to restrict the carrying of weapons openly or concealed in or around the areas where the President of the United States and cabinet officials are appearing, following reports, photos, and videos of people carrying guns outside of  an Obama town hall meeting in Arizona earlier this week.  Norton said that this restriction is particularly necessary in the nation’s capital, where recently filed litigation seeks to overturn D.C. law in order to allow residents and visitors to carry concealed guns in public.

The President, cabinet officials and other top foreign and domestic officials regularly travel in motorcades in the nation’s capital.  The risks of public shootings, which threaten homeland security, have been minimized by gun laws in the District that restrict both open and concealed gun carrying in public.  After a Norton hearing last session that revealed that a similar bill would have allowed the open carrying of weapons in the District, even the National Rifle Association voluntarily withdrew the dangerous provisions.

Norton said that a reported 10 to 12 people were carrying weapons in Arizona on Tuesday in the vicinity of President Obama’s appearance.  “I seek no change in the local laws of other jurisdictions, and ask only respect for gun laws in my own district,” Norton said.  “However, it is clear that if the Secret Service can temporarily clear all aircraft from air space when the President is in the vicinity, the agency has the authority to clear guns on the ground that is even closer to the President.”

The Congresswoman said that she hopes that increasingly brazen NRA attempts to nationalize its no-holds barred approach to guns has finally gotten the attention of federal authorities.  “The NRA’s most recent actions show that the NRA intends to go national on the Ensign amendment approach, the amendment attached to the Senate version of the D.C. Voting Rights bill that would abolish all gun laws in the District,” Norton said.  She cited the recently defeated Thune amendment to permit the carrying of weapons openly as evidence that the NRA is pressing nationwide its view that there should be no local limits on guns in the nation’s capital or elsewhere.  “The NRA is using the District as a test case because it is uniquely subject to Congressional dictates.  Both in the courts and in Congress, beginning with the violation of D.C.’s home rule right to enact its own gun safety laws, the NRA is on a national gun campaign,” she said.  However, the NRA suffered a surprise setback in the defeat of the Thune amendment to the defense authorization bill, which would have allowed gun owners to carry concealed weapons across state lines, violating restrictions in other jurisdictions.  A similar but even more radical section in the Ensign amendment would make a unique exception for the nation’s capital to become the only U.S. jurisdiction where people could cross state lines to purchase handguns and bring them back, facilitating gun running by criminals, terrorists or gangs intent on breaching homeland security in the National Capital Region or public peace in neighborhoods.


Illinois style hopolophobia set to be the law of the land?

August 20, 2009

Illinois style hopolophobia set to be the law of the land? It sure appears headed that way. I have one thing to say to these black robed haters of liberty and freedom.

Molon Labe!

Read about this act of cowardice…

Appeals Court: Government Can Require Gun Registration

    Posted by Declan McCullagh


    An appeals court in Chicago has ruled that the federal, state or local government can require all citizens to register their firearms under penalty of law.

    A three-judge panel of the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals said that, even after the Supreme Court’s high-profile gun rights decision last year, the Second Amendment is no obstacle to mandatory gun registration.

    The case arose out of the Chicago-area town of Cicero’s mandatory registration requirement for firearms. A local man named John Justice was raided by the Cicero police on suspicion of violating business ordinances including improper storage of chemicals; the police discovered six unregistered handguns during the raid.

    Justice runs the Microcosm laminating company on 55th Ave., which sells special adhesives and does custom coatings for customers, and argued in a civil lawsuit that the local ordinance violated the Second Amendment. He did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.

    Full Story

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