Convoluted Logic

As I opened up Google News this morning I was confronted by what, at best can be called convoluted logic. Apparently, the economy has much improved. That’s great news for sure, but then as I scanned down the page I found this, this, and this.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The GDP is like an economic barometer. In other words, it’s a tool, and, like any tool it can be improperly used. The snake oil salesmen failed to mention anything about unemployment. Or the negative impact that the obamacare program will have on the economy. Especially, on the small business’s that are the backbone of the economy when it comes to jobs for Americans.

This is beginning to look once more like the pure propaganda of yet another Keynesian Utopia. Will Cap and Trade save us all from our folly? Will Al Gore come to the rescue like a battalion of cavalry in an old western?

Or do we need to Tar & Feather the vast majority of those that  laird it over us, and replace them with Oath Keepers?

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  1. PolyKahr Says:

    Or just the first 535 people found in any phone book. Such an assemblage could not be any worse.

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