Another day, another episode of epic fail

The Democrat / Socialist / Communist triumvirate that is running the country faces ever more evidence of their utter failure. Fellow WordPress blogger Romantic Poet wrote an excellent piece the other day dealing with this very subject, and I would recommend reading it to all of my regular readers.

Using new speak the powers that be try to convince us all that things are improving, and that anything that is not, is racism, or do to the Bush Administration, or to man made global climate change… We the people however, know better than that.

Saying that the economy is better because unemployment isn’t still rising is stupid when the numbers are stagnant because people no longer qualify for benefits and therefore are not counted, or have just given up looking for work is dishonest beyond the pale.

On top of all that we have yet again another example of proprietorial mis-conduct with an officer of the Border Patrol coming under fire for doing his job. Nice shooting Sir!

As various experiments in socialism crash and burn many that supported such nonsense are abandoning ship like rats at sea on a sinking vessel.

The claptrap of Nancy Pelosi about obamacare being discussed in the open aside there is, I believe, a reason that these thugs are shoving all this down our throats. Yes, it is cunning, not at all stupid, and will be close to impossible to reverse. Short of a revolution on a scale that is seldom seen.

The Triumvirate, is getting anything and everything on their agenda completed because come election day they will be destroyed as a functional unit. It is much harder to get any law reversed than it is to get one passed. The other strategic angle that they are playing is to install as many activist Federal Judges as possible because it is all but impossible to get them removed once they are seated. This, after blocking Bush appointments for years, and causing such a tremendous backlog in Federal cases.

How much damage can they do before they are sent packing?

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