Does Massachusetts Hold the Key to Stopping ObamaCare?

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Does Massachusetts Hold the Key to Stopping ObamaCare?

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January 12, 2010

The best opportunity to defeat ObamaCare may come from, ironically, Massachusetts.

In the race to succeed the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, Republican State Senator Scott Brown could become the key vote to stop nationalized health care.

With Senate Democrats controlling 60 votes, Republicans were unable to muster the 41 votes needed to block the anti-gun health care bill when it passed the Senate on Christmas Eve.  But the bill must still be voted on by both the House and Senate, and the Senate is scheduled to reconvene on January 19 — the same day as the special election in Massachusetts.

How big of an issue is health care in this election?

Scott Brown told Politico: “If you feel that Washington and the health care bill that they’re proposing is systemic of the problems in Washington and the failure to understand average people anymore, then you vote for me because as the 41st senator. I can stop a lot of this stuff in its tracks.  I can actually force them to go back to the drawing board.”

Ordinarily, a Massachusetts Senate race is a cinch for Democrats, who dominate state politics.  But a recent Public Policy Polling poll shows Brown up one point against his opponent, anti-gun State Attorney General Martha Coakley!

Should Scott Brown pull off a win, the ObamaCare legislation would die instantly as Democrats will have lost their 60th vote.

As state Senator, Brown is considered one of the most conservative Republicans in the Bay State — supporting issues like concealed carry of firearms and earning an “A+” rating from the state pro-gun group, Gun Owners Action League.

His opponent is the type of radical anti-gunner people have come to expect from Massachusetts.  Late last year, Attorney General Coakley filed a brief urging the state Supreme Court to uphold a law requiring firearms to be kept under lock and key when not in use.

The choice for gun owners in this race could not be more clear — and the stakes could not be higher.

After telling gun owners for a year that they had nothing to fear from the national health care bill, Democrats in Washington finally admitted that that was a bald-faced lie.  So they stuck a bunch of language in the most recent version of the bill supposedly addressing the gun problems (which they claimed for so long did not exist!)

But the new language does not prohibit the FBI or the BATFE from trolling the ObamaCare medical database in search of medical reasons to disqualify citizens from owning firearms.

Already, the Department of Veterans Affairs — which operates its own nationalized health care system — has denied around 150,000 veterans their Second Amendment rights based on the opinions of doctors, and not on the basis of any criminal conviction.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg should the health care bill pass for the rest of the population.

So you can see how important this Massachusetts special election on January 19 is for the nation.

It is also clear that concerned citizens from all over the country should do all they can to get Scott Brown over the finish line.

This is a very expensive race, and Scott’s opponent has so far out-raised him significantly, as she’s raked in millions of dollars from ObamaCare supporters.

And, even though Scott is carrying the Republican message that will likely dominate the 2010 Congressional elections, news reports indicate that the Republican national committees have shown only token support.  That must change, and change quickly.

Sure, Massachusetts is normally a safe Democrat state — but these are not normal times.  This race is winnable.  Scott Brown was down by 31 percentage points in November, but he is now effectively tied in the latest poll.

There are several action items that can be taken by people from every state:

1. Visit Scott Brown on the web at and make a generous contribution.  And, please make sure all your contacts know about the importance of this race.

2. Contact National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn at and urge him to pull out all the stops to elect Scott Brown.

3. Email Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele at and deliver the same message.

4. Of course, if you live in Massachusetts, vote for Scott Brown on Tuesday, January 19.

Together, we can strike a blow to anti-gun national health care — and send a powerful message to Washington — by scoring a win in liberal Massachusetts.


Tim Macy
Vice Chairman

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2 Responses to “Does Massachusetts Hold the Key to Stopping ObamaCare?”

  1. TexasFred Says:

    Never underestimate the corruption that the Dems are capable of, it is, after all, Massachusetts, and those dumb bastards sent Kennedy back for years, and are still John F’n Kerry supporters…

    That whole damned state needs to be fumigated…


  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Who knows it might be a start Fred…


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