Mayor Michael Bloomberg: What A Waste of Air

The Felon Mayor of New York just can’t get enough of poking his nose into everyone else’s business. The utter failure of “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” is only one example of his warped sense of reality. He knows better then you do what is good for you, yours, and and all of humanity… Yeah right..!

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg envisions a healthy world — one with no cigarettes, trans-fat, or guns — and he is going to make you healthy, doggone it, whether you like it or not.

As the mayor begins his third term (which, to those familiar with New York City term limits, is a whole other matter), he has found yet another menace to his utopia: salt. As with his other nanny state goals, the mayor’s vision goes far beyond his own backyard to cities and states across the nation.

His administration’s new salt initiative calls for food manufacturers and restaurants across the country to cut their salt content by 25 percent over the next five years. They claim that national cooperation is necessary due to interstate sales. For now, participation of New York businesses is voluntary, but this means little to those of us familiar with the war on trans-fat. That was originally voluntary too, but when restaurants didn’t jump on the bandwagon, the city government legislated them into submission.

While the benefits of lowering salt have been well documented in the fight against high blood pressure, not everyone is convinced of the benefits of across-the-board sodium reduction. There has been no large-scale study of the negative effects of cutting salt, and several medical researchers point out that there are too many variables to assume that this measure is good for everyone. Dr. Michael H. Alderman of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, likened the plan to “an uncontrolled experiment with the public’s health.”

Several companies, including Campbell (which has already cut sodium in their products without government strong-arming), will not be joining the plan. They prefer to adjust their recipes according to what the market calls for — at least while they still have a choice.


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3 Responses to “Mayor Michael Bloomberg: What A Waste of Air”

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  2. dsgawrsh Says:

    I am sick to death of the Nanny State growing up around us. I can take care of myself just fine. I wear my seat belt because I want to and I stay away from trans fats because I want to and I damn well am going to have my own gun because the police just cannot get here fast enough if someone means me harm. These idiots running the country think they are building utopia when it really is Hell.


  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Ain’t that the truth Diane! Thanks for stopping by LTNS.


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