Epic Fail obama throws a temper tantrum

The impostor in chief acted like a two year old when he showed up at a GOP retreat. Just what we need in a POTUS right?

WASHINGTON – President Obama dove headfirst into the belly of the GOP beast Friday – and left the not-so-loyal opposition bleeding on a Baltimore ballroom floor.

He skewered Republicans for obstructionist tactics, dubious facts and a lack of civility in opposing his domestic agenda, especially health care reform.

Let’s see Mister President. You can’t seemtofigure it out, so I will address just a few of the issues that have the people of America not just angry, but thoroughly ticked off at you, and your gang of thugs!
  • Health care is for us to decide about not you, or any of your czars!
  • Cap and trade is nothing but a money making scheme that will cripple our economy even further.
  • Man made climate change is a farce. Call it what it is and get on with business…
  • Your closet attempts at gun control will only lead to a full blown revolution. Molan Labe!
  • The American people are against illegal immigration as well as any sort of amnesty for those that broke our laws. Figure it out bright boy!
  • Taking over private business’s should be done through our quasi free market system, not by politicians.
  • We really are in a war on terrorism, and as of late most terrorist’s are muslims. Admit it, and do your job as CIC.
  • Americans do not bow to foreign leaders, ever!
  • The stealth approach to gun control via the U.N. isn’t so stealthy, read above.
  • You hired a pervert to be “safe schools czar?”
  • The economy will not be helped by more Keynesian socialism. Stop spending our grandchildren’s  heritage.
  • Lastly, stop blaming Bush, it’s your agenda now.

No Mister obama, it’s not the Republicans. It is the American People that are against you, your programs, and the thugs that you have working on your team…

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  1. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Related, from the heritage Foundation.

    January 29, 2010 | By Amanda Reinecker
    The state of our union has been better

    Even before President Obama delivered his State of the Union address on Wednesday, most lawmakers and most Americans already knew the current state of our union. To put it gently, it has been better.

    President Obama has spent a year in office, without much to show for it — apart from a staggering economy, increased debt, weaker defense and foreign policies, and several costly big-government proposals that have stalled in the Congress. His speech this week gave him the opportunity to present Congress and the American people with a fresh set of ideas for future.

    Heritage President Ed Feulner outlines what the President should have said:

    You need a new approach and fresh domestic and foreign policies. The caps on spending which reports [Monday] said you were considering are but an exceedingly modest first step, and the devil is in the details. The caps will do virtually nothing to improve the nation’s fiscal health unless you tackle Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Shifting tactics and stoking populism will be both cynical and condescending to the voters, who will see through this strategy.

    Unfortunately, Heritage experts agree, that’s not what we got. As Heritage’s Conn Carroll writes, “this was a speech only the entrenched interests in Washington could love.”

    » Read how Heritage experts reacted to all of the issues raised (and not raised) in the President’s address.

    The President’s speech was an attempt “to keep all of [his] legislative efforts alive while also acknowledging that the country has firmly rejected his policy agenda,” writes Carroll. It was a call to forge ahead with tax-and-spend policies, despite receding public support and ever-growing debt.

    So why forge ahead? The President “still believes the problem is that people fail to understand his goals,” suggests Heritage fellow and former Congressman Ernest Istook. “Instead, his problem is that we understand them all too well.”

    Summarizing President Obama’s address for Politico.com, Heritage’s Rory Cooper writes:

    He said he wanted to control spending, and then rattled off a laundry list of liberal investments (free money!). He asked for alternatives to health care reform, ignoring that conservatives have been offering them up by the dozens all year. He said he hadn’t raised taxes, which simply is not true. He envisioned government subsidized railroads, jobs and industry. And he intimidated and scolded the Supreme Court who sat there by duty taking it. That was not a very presidential moment, nor calculated very wisely.

    The President also discussed the threat America faces from terrorism — but just barely. It wasn’t until about 40 minutes into his speech that the President gave the matter even a passing mention.

    “This isn’t surprising,” writes Heritage security expert Jena Baker McNeil. Despite last year’s terror attack at Fort Hood and the near miss on Christmas Day, “Obama [is often] reluctant to embrace the responsibility of defending the nation against acts of terrorism.”

    In an open letter to the White House, Heritage President Ed Feulner tells the President that “it’s the policies you need to change, not the spin.” Unfortunately, the President’s address was laced with more of the same: big-government; bloated spending; and lofty promises.
    > Other Heritage Work of Note

    * There is a direct link between increased government regulation and economic stagnation, and more and more Americans are seeing this correlation firsthand. According to Heritage’s 2010 Index of Economic Freedom, the United States isn’t as free as it used to be; Americans are worse off in terms of government spending, monetary freedom, financial freedom, property rights, investment freedom and fiscal freedom. Although the damage began before President Obama took office, his administration has made matters worse with policies that “erode our economic freedom.” These big-government programs “won’t spark the desired recovery,” Heritage’s Bill Beach argues in the Washington Times. “They will only delay it, and prolong the human suffering.”

    * Many on the left are adamantly opposed to last week’s Supreme Court ruling upholding the First Amendment’s ban on speech regulations. Liberals, who often defend all manner of behavior on First Amendment grounds, complain that corporations are not “persons” and are thus not entitled to free speech.

    Responding to negative remarks from mainstream media, Heritage legal scholar Hans von Spakovsky says “if media corporations were not specifically exempted, the New York Times and the Washington Post would now be warning that the free political speech of corporations threatens our democracy.”

    * A recent study says teen pregnancies have increased, leading some “safe sex” experts to point fingers at abstinence-only education in schools. This assertion is more than a bit disingenuous, as Heritage experts point out. In fact, Heritage’s Robert Rector argues, “the explosive rise in out-of-wedlock births is due not to a lack of contraceptives, but to a crisis in the relationships of young adult men and women in lower income communities.”

    In the decade or so after the government began funding abstinence-only education, pregnancies among girls 17 to 18 remained unchanged, while pregnancies among girls 14 and under declined significantly. Harvard researchers polled teen couples, asking if their pregnancies were in any way due to a lack of access to birth control. Not one person answered yes.

    > In Other News

    * The White House has asked the Department of Justice to find a new venue for the trials of the 9/11 terrorism suspects. The trials were originally slated for Manhattan, where thousands died in the 2001 terrorist attacks.

    * The economy grew at a 5.7 percent rate in the three months ending in December, according to government statistics.

    * As part of an ongoing campaign to dramatically modernize its armed forces, Russia unveiled new stealth fighter aircraft touted as a rival of the American F 22. Earlier this year, Congress voted to halt production of the F-22.

    * Liberals in Congress have announced they are prepared to pull out all of the stops to pass health care reform. They have acknowledged, however, that the process will not be a quick one.

    * According to not one, but two, New York Times Supreme Court analysts, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was correct when he mouthed “not true” after President Obama mischaracterized the Supreme Court’s recent campaign finance law decision.

    * Terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden is now blaming America for global warming.

    Amanda Reinecker is a writer for MyHeritage.org—a website for members and supporters of The Heritage Foundation. Nathaniel Ward, the Editor of MyHeritage.org, and Eva Brates, a Heritage intern, contributed to this report.

    SOURCE: http://MyHeritage.org


  2. Igor Marxomarxovich Says:

    Where do these goons and thugs come from?

    See: DNC Double Naught Goon School

    I Igor produce Obama Birth Certificate at http://www.igormarxo.org


  3. TexasFred Says:

    As time goes by, the REAL Obama is coming out more and more… And I didn’t think I could detest the son of a bitch even more…

    I was wrong… 😈


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  5. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Folks, Igor’s website was caught as spam, it is not, but it is hilarious! Pay him a visit!

    Fred! Say it isn’t so Brother!


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