Say it loud! He’s black,and he’s Proud!

Received in an email, read on..

I am black and I support the Tea Party!

Those words alone have sent reverberations up and down both parties. In fact, I’ve been called an “enigma”. For now, there are not too many blacks in the Tea Party. My friend, that is about to change! And you can be a part of that change!

I’ve just participated in a recent Tea Party event that coincided with the first ever National Tea Party convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

THANKS TO BARACK OBAMA…a “revolution” has begun!

This Tea Party movement is not necessarily defined by any one group, leader or politician. It is a GRASSROOTS action that is forcing both regular parties to change the way that they do business! Conservatism is NOT dead! It is being resurrected…..thanks to President Obama!

Level-headed, clear-thinking, patriotic Americans are disheartened by what they are experiencing through this current administration. The Reid-Pelosi-Obama agenda is doing permanent damage to the very fiber of our ideals as a great country.

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Let’s do just a partial “checklist” of what I call the …“OBAMA DAMAGE FACTOR”:

  • A Christmas Day bomber (moments away from killing 300 people on an airplane in Detroit) is treated like an American citizen, instead of a terrorist that he is!
  • A $3.8 TRILLION DOLLAR economy-busting, yearly proposed budget.
  • Multi-trillion dollar deficits that our children and grandchildren will be paying and paying and paying.
  • More BIG GOVERNMENT at any cost. We have been warned by Moody’s that we are in danger of losing our Triple A credit rating. In the meantime, he is mortgaging our country to China.
  • Promise of acceptance of an open gay lifestyle in our military. As a U. S. Marine and Vietnam Era Veteran, it makes me angry that they are doing social experiments with our military at a time of when our national security is under constant threat.
  • “Big Brother” (government) overseeing our everyday life
  • Admitted communists, radical homosexual activists and even a transgender in leadership positions “czars.”
  • A hard hearted refusal to drop OBAMACARE (SOCIALIZED MEDICINE), even though the American people have made clear in election after election that we don’t want it!
  • An Air Force Academy that is dedicating its first circle of pagan worship for witches and warlocks (and the whole Academy was invited!!)
  • He says, “We are not a Christian nation!” But according to Obama, “we are one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”
  • Obama has traveled the world denigrating our country by bowing and apologizing before thugs, dictators and despots. They should be apologizing to us and the world, not vice versa.

In short, President Obama is destroying our economy and culture, and undermining our military and national security.

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I get ridiculed by many because I am black and do not support Barack Obama’s ideology. But this is not personal. I honor the office of the Presidency. I pray for President Obama to have a real change of heart. Unfortunately, his heart is hardened in pursuit of his radical and destructive policies. He has literally broken trust (and broken promises!) with the American people, even those who voted for him. For example, the promise of “transparency” has proved to be a joke, along with the promises he made about doing away with earmarks and keeping lobbyists out of his administration.


I am a part of a small but growing number of blacks who support the grassroots Tea Party movement. At this past weekend’s first national Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Sarah Palin received a rousing welcome from a crowd of nearly 1,000 Tea Partiers as she sent a strong message of support for lower taxes, smaller government, transparency, energy independence and strong national security. She said, “I’m a big supporter of this movement. America is ready for another revolution!”

This is a movement—and a revolution—that cannot be stopped…..

They will forever OPPOSE the beliefs of President Barack Hussein Obama (and his cronies)! Help me to wipe out the “Obama Damage Factor”!

The American people are frightened by President Obama’s fiscal policies. Respected economists say his runaway spending and massive deficits could lead to economic collapse. I begin to wonder: “Why is he doing this to us?”

Many Americans suspect that he disdains our capitalist economy and wants it to fail. When it does, HE would then control everything!

He’s adding over $1 trillion in taxes, doubling the deficits President Bush left us and is making us a debtor nation to China and Japan. Given the proposed deficits in the next few years, every American family of four will owe—

CHINA ALONE….$10,000 per year!

You read that correctly. This is according to official government reports.

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Help STAND to make a difference in our government! I receive negative communications every single hour because of my STAND for truth! Thus, the name of our organization, S.T.A.N.D.STAYING TRUE TO AMERICA’S NATIONAL DESTINY.

America’s national destiny does NOT include the over-bearing economic burden put on us by the socialistic Obama Administration. By the end of 2010 our deficit will be 77% of our Gross Domestic Product. Our interest due on the debt will soon be $700 Billion a year, more than the budget of the Defense Department. President Obama is either grossly incompetent or there is a method to his madness. Either way— WE MUST STOP HIS MARXIST CREED

My fellow patriot, it is way past time to take a very definitive STAND!

Our culture . . . our country . . . our defense . . . our security . . . our economy . . . our society as a whole is literally at stake. What many have fought and died for now hangs in the balance.

When I addressed and prayed at a Tea Party rally last week, I admonished grassroots Americans to support the Tea Party; more importantly, their objectives: EXPOSING corrupt and incompetent politicians—from the very top to the bottom!

I did not find any Nazis or racists there (as charged by the liberals!). I found Americans who love their country and are prepared to stand up for the values we believe in. WE DO NOT CARE THAT OBAMA IS BLACK; WE JUST WANT HIM TO BE RED, WHITE AND BLUE!

I am one of the most blessed people on earth to have been born a citizen of the United States of America. My forefather paid the price of slavery for me to be here. I love this country, and I do not like what President Obama is doing to it. The Tea Party offers tremendous hope of voting out people who are taking this country in an unconstitutional and ungodly direction. I support them whole-heartedly and I am urging all black Americans (as well as non-blacks whether Republican, Democrat or Independent!) who believe in the Judeo-Christian values which made this country great, to join with the Tea Party and their objectives.

CLICK HERE to assist me in raising up an army of Black Leaders who support the Tea Party Movement! Our new media communications will expose President Obama! Your Financial Investment in STAND will get this vital and unique message out to the greatest amount of people and politicians!

The 2010 elections present an opportunity to put the brakes on the Obama march toward socialism. Will you help me to bring a message of genuine hope to the black community that can change hearts and minds? All I want is common-sense conservative solutions and a government that abides by the Constitution. All I want is for us to judge each other by the content of our character, not the color of our skin. What happened to the post-racial President. It was a deception, but the truth has been exposed. Obama is one of our MOST racial Presidents, not a post racial President. Help me provide the leadership that will take us toward a truly COLOR BLIND SOCIETY.

Sarah Palin, the former Vice-Presidential nominee of the Republican Party also commented at the Nashville convention, “Only limited government can expand prosperity and opportunity for all. Freedom is a God-given right that’s worth fighting for.”

E.W. Jackson defends the Tea Party against Obama!

We are working very hard to bring people together across racial and cultural lines…to stand up for the values which made this nation great!

God bless you as you STAND up for America,

E. W. Jackson, Sr.

P. S. Please understand that the Tea Party is a grassroots movement, which I totally support. It offers tremendous hope of offering a viable alternative to the socialist ways of President Obama. Many liberal and selfish American politicians are taking us down an ungodly and unconstitutional path. That’s another reason why you should support STAND! I look forward to hearing from you.

YOUR donation will make a distinct difference! CLICK HERE to assist me in telling the liberal news media and true Americans that a Black Leader supports the Tea Party Movement! Help overturn the damage caused by President Obama. Your Donation to STAND will get this fundamental message to many others! STAYING TRUE to AMERICA’S NATIONAL DESTINY
P.O. Box 15111
Chesapeake, Virginia 23328

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5 Responses to “Say it loud! He’s black,and he’s Proud!”

  1. TexasFred Says:

    Must be some damned fool Ol Uncle Tom you white MoFo’s bought off.. Word…

    Tell me that’s not damned near exactly what’s being said about this man…


  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Probably so Fred.


  3. Jonathan Says:

    When America runs out of money, who do you think will pay the welfare checks? China? I don’t think so. I’m old enough to remember the Soviet Union, and that is what Obama and his thugs are turning America into. Socialism does not work. Histroy had proven that over and over again. If you feel the need resort to foul language and namecalling in your response to Mr. Jackson, it only shows how stupid and wrong you are. Mr. Jackson clearly understands that there are things more important than the color of your skin. Nobody had to “buy him off”, he is trying to help the USA. If you aren’t, get out. It’s that simple.


  4. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Jonathan I sure hope that was not directed at me. I re-posted that because I wanted to point out that there are people all across the realm that support decent values etc.

    I also thought at the time that it was a very good response to all the racist allegations being thrown at the Tea Party movement.


  5. Anje Shein Says:

    E. W. Jackson’s stated views — in MY opinion — show that he is looking at situations from a more elevated pedestal than resorting back to the trenches, where there are two warring parties dug in on opposite sides. Under that scenario, one or the other have to be right or wrong, depending on which side you are on. What we desperately need are human beings, man or woman, who are capable of looking AT THE ISSUES AT HAND and get over agonizing over things like: what is the color of their skin, what church do they attend or none at all, what slice of society do they fit into etc. etc. and so on and on. We all have this life to live, we are all human beings and what is right or wrong is right or wrong for all of us, regardless of background. Reduce a country’s functioning down to a family’s functioning and you will see how it should be run. Don’t spend more than comes in, there is a head of household to make important decisions, hopefully consulting all concerned and the children don’t get all their wishes, but get explained why that is so. /// Is what we see coming out of Washington anything like “transparency’, listening to us (the kids), keeping in mind that only what we have to spend can be spent???????????? A N Y voice in favor of getting back to basics for the health and endurance of America is welcome and needs to be heard by people of A L L C O L O R S. We get lost here by catering to or wrongly listening to extremists on both sides, who typically shriek the loudest and should be listened to the least, because E X T R E M E is the wrong way to go for sure. I have lived 80 years, on bot sides of the Atlantic, am familiar with government-controlled societies and live in America for the freedom and entrepreneurial spirit it offers (or used to offer). If what America stands for is up for grabs nobody O F A N Y C O L O R will be a happy camper and they have only themselves to blame for the failure of what used to be country of freedom. I hope that everybody learns to read the tea leaves and gets the bigger picture.


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